Fridge: The Thing (2011)

Fridge Brilliance
  • The Thing's strategy is more crude in the very beginning, simply attacking humans like a wild animal. When it finally assimilates a human, it starts scheming, getting people alone before attacking, hiding its trail and trying to reason with people. Not only can it now try to replicate people, but it knows how humans behave and has learned that they can kill it.
  • This film is very much an Actionized Sequel to the more psychological-thriller based 1982 film, but it actually makes sense for it to be that way. Firstly, as noted above, The Thing is a case of It Can Think: it can learn more advanced and complex methods, but it needs to learn them first. This means that the Thing encountered in this film simply isn't as savvy as in the John Carpenter film; by the time of the 1982 film, it's gained the knowledge and experience to try a subtle path. Secondly, the Thing's secrecy is inherently flawed in this film; the Norwegians were the ones who dug it up in the first place. So, as soon as it escapes, they'll know it exists and is on the loose. In comparison, the Americans didn't know of the Thing's existence until they examined the ruins of the Norwegian base, so it had the opportunity to start picking off victims and replicating them before they found out it existed.
  • This film has been criticised as being a poor, cheap imitation of the 1982 film... much like how the The Thing imitates its prey.
  • The movie happens to, by complete accident, solve at least part of the mystery of the 1982 movie's ending. The Norwegians never come up with the blood test, so the next best thing is checking for tooth fillings, piercings, or anything else artificially implanted that the Thing can't replicate. At the end of the 1982 movie, Childs noticeably still has his earring, meaning he was human.
    • Wrong. The Thing is able to replace earrings. Carter-Thing for whatever reason put it in the wrong ear, but the Child's one presumably wouldn't.

Fridge Horror
  • Unless Carter and Jameson were able to completely burn Griggs and Olav, which is unlikely, then it is still out there.
    • Then again, with how barren and inhospitable Antarctica is, if it is still out there, it's been frozen solid again, just like it was when they found it.
      • Which means it's very likely to be found again when people start investigating the aftermath of the two films.
    • Which is exactly what happens.