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Fridge / The 10th Kingdom

  • Fridge Brilliance: When the Queen unearths her magic mirrors, she lists their purposes. Mirrors to travel, mirrors to spy, mirrors to remember, mirrors to forget. Later After it is revealed that she is Virginia's mother, when she is confronted, she doesn't remember Virginia at all, most likely because the Witch promised to make her forget that she drowned her own daughter. She begins seeing flashbacks of the event during the confrontation while surrounded by her mirrors one of which is the mirror to remember.
    • Considering the series loves to play with and subvert Fairy Tale tropes, Virginia being the Queen's daughter makes her Prince Wendell's stepsister. Virginia is an aversion of the Wicked Step Sister trope.
    • In the beginning of the series, Virginia says all she wants is to find a decent man who is interested in food so she can open her own restaurant. Wolf is beyond interested in food.
      • Also, Wolf's interest in food. Ever offered a dog a table scrap? They go nuts for human food.
  • Either Fridge Brilliance or Foreshadowing... but the moment shortly after arriving at the prison when Wendell calls the Queen the most dangerous and evil woman alive and Tony responds with 'sounds like my mother in law.' Seems like a funny throw away comment on first viewing... but is more meaningful when you realize that he's talking about the Queen's mother.

  • Fridge Horror: Near the end of the series, Virginia finally realizes she's in love with Wolf and they make love in the woods. This is revealed in the final scenes to get her pregnant. But before the very end, he pretends to betray her, only revealing himself to be still on her side during a battle that could easily have gotten him killed. What if Wolf had gotten himself killed without ever being able to tell her that he was still on Virginia's side? Then she would be pregnant with the child of the man who betrayed her.
    • Unlikely. Virginia was in a state of shock at the end, so she didn't get it, but eventually they would have realized that Wolf was the one who faked the poison, regardless or whether or not he survived the battle. So either way, he's remembered as a hero.