Fridge / The Sun Soul

Fridge Horror:
  • So a big part of the story is showing how brutal the Pokemon universe would be in reality. Kanto isn't a hellhole, but it's close, and there's no reason to think that any of the other regions are going to be any better. With that cheery though in mind, imagine what Orre must be like.
  • Fridge Horror: If you think Kanto, Johto, and the regions from the 'mainline' are this bad, think about what Orre is like.
    • Since Orre has few wild pokemon, it's probably better off than them Wild Pokemon alone do not a Crapsack World make. If all the crap in Kanto and Johto is a result of Mewtwo, and Elm trying to conquer the world and Team Rocket trying to hold it together, imagine what Cipher is doing...
      • Which was the original point. It seems to be closer to confirmation with Zvika's statement that Orre uses brainwashing to fill its armies with expendable troops.

Fridge Brilliance:
  • The bit at the beginning where Ash is attacked by a Rattata before being rescued by Professor Oak? It's based off the beginning of Pokemon Red and Blue where the player is stopped from venturing out to Route 1 - it even takes place in the tall grass!