* In the 2004 remake, [[spoiler:the men can brainwash their wives to absolute control]]. What if it could be applied to human trafficking?
* If the men kill off their wives simply to have versions of them that had no hobbies or lives of their own, who's to say they wouldn't do the same when their daughters were old enough? And suppose they groomed their daughter's boyfriends/husbands or their own sons into the practice? The whole thing could conceivably go on for generations!
** We have that already, it's called the Patriarchy Movement. So more [[TruthInTelevision Truth in Television]] than Fridge Horror maybe?
*** Or even worse, they could just replace everyone else that doesn't agree with their views, regardless of gender. What if some of the husbands are actually robots themselves programmed to agree with the chauvinist elite of the Men's Association?
*** The whole society consists of the psychotic view [[PsychopathicManchild "If you don't do and act as I wish, I can just kill you and replace you with a clone who will!"]] How long do you think a town of pseudo SpoiledBrat serial killers would truly last? It seems probable that the populace will slowly decrease into robots until too few humans exist to keep the project under control. And if it seeps outside of the village in the process...

* In the original, the villains have a means of perfectly duplicating and programming women. Why don't they start producing {{sexbot}}s and [[CutLexLuthorACheck make gajillions of dollars]] [[TheRuleOfFirstAdopters selling them to the public]]?
** Because [[spoiler: Claire wasn't motivated by the need for wealth, but madness spawned when she caught her husband fucking another woman and killed both of them. She only played up the sex bot angle to get the men to go along with the plan, with full intention of having them be stepfordized once she got enough couples in the town to satisfy her plot to run a town filled with stepfordized people.]]
*** Well, that's the answer in the remake. As for the original, possibly because the government and the media would get involved, and the husbands would then face consequences for murdering their wives?
* If the wives in the remake are [[spoiler:just regular people with microchips implanted in their skulls, then how come they're resistant to fire? How come they can work as an ATM?]]
** Some of this can be explained through {{nanomachines}} (it's mentioned briefly during the scene where Walter [[spoiler: reverses the "Stepford Programming"]]. No explanation for the ATM bit, however.
** I think that the only explanation was that SOME of the stepford wives were actual robots for the men who lack wives, and these were the ones with the ATM installed along with the more robotic features. The other men who already had wives were ones that were modified with the microchips. We know that the villains could build lifelike robots, in the case of [[spoiler: Christopher Walken's character.]] It just makes sense.
** There's also the possibility of many of the wives becoming [[HollywoodCyborg cyborgs]] which would still account for some things.
* Joanna, Bobbi and Roger are pretty awful people in the 2004 version, yet we're supposed to side with them because...?
** They're the only ones interested in stopping the conspiracy.
*** Can't they stop it by dying? Horribly and painfully? Because they're so bad they make RootingForTheEmpire the default mode for the movie.
* If [[spoiler:Claire wanted revenge for her husband cheating on her]], then wouldn't it make more sense to just [[spoiler:Stepfordize the husbands instead]]?
** The Stepford program and process didn't exist yet at the time, it was only ''after'' the deed was done that things started to come to our villain.