Fridge: The Sandlot

Fridge Brilliance
  • Watching the film, Benny seemed unrealistically perfect, even going into Marty Stu territory:
    • Definitely the best baseball player on the team
    • The only one that the team's Jerk Jock rival respects
    • Baseball feats include hitting the ball straight into Scotty's glove and hitting a ball so hard that it breaks
    • Very handsome
    • Very nice and the only one on the team to welcome the dorky Scotty and defends him when the others protest
    • Becomes the big hero at the end when he steals the baseball from the beast and then outruns him across town
    • Then I realized that this film is the nostalgic memories of Benny's best friend and Benny was the reason he became part of the gang. Of course he's going to view him through a Nostalgia Filter.