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Fridge: The Purge

Fridge Horror:

  • The film is full of this. For instance, the trailer says that the USA has the unemployment rate at 1% and crime at an all-time low. Just how many people get killed off in The Purge to achieve this?
    • Alternately, what kind of miserable working conditions are people now willing to tolerate rather than risk getting fired and ending up on the streets, defenseless, when it happens?
      • The movie says unemployment is down to 1% ironically this does not mean the economy is doing better at all it means the American economy has stagnated meaning no new jobs are being made for people to fill.
      • Leading economists debate the unemployment figure which would be healthiest in an economy (bearing in mind that people are always moving between jobs, etc) but the general consensus is that it's somewhere between 3 and 5%. 1% unemployment is not healthy. Either, as has been stated, the population has been dramatically reduced, or nobody is taking the risk of leaving a job they aren't happy in to find a new or better one.
  • The government instituted The Purge in order to achieve minimal unemployment rates and crime. How many years has The Purge been in effect?
  • The film focuses on one family trying to survive a home invasion. Now imagine what's happening across the USA while this event is going on.
  • The neighbors got off scott free. And they know that they outnumber the Sandins. And odds are pretty good that they are nice and pissed about failing the first time. What's stopping them from trying again next year? Letting them off the hook is going to come back and bite the Sandins big time.
    • Unless the Sandins just move, or let the neighbors know that they will be prepared the next time the neighbors try to kill them.
  • If you're wealthy, you should hope your neighbors don't resent you for it.
  • Not exactly horror, persay, but still worth thinking about. At the beginning of the movie, a radio caller admits that he's going to try to kill his boss during the Purge. What if his boss had heard that? What if the caller couldn't find and/or kill his boss while the Purge was going on? That's going to be rather awkward when he comes into work the next day.
    • Said boss would probably try to kill him first...without announcing it.
  • A true source of Fridge Horror, rather than all of the killings, are the unholy number of sexual assaults that are going to take place. College campuses are going to be a horror show in the making (and especially the Greek houses), for it won't be just other students raping and killing, but the jealous/angry townspeople, and you know that there'll be groups of people who wait for this every year, and travel around to different colleges just to get to rape every beautiful young co-ed they can get their hands on. What really makes this a case of Fridge Horror is that either there's a massive baby boom every year, roughly nine months after The Purge (which makes sense - that's how the government replenishes those killed every year), the government deliberately has The Purge in the summer (to avoid colleges becoming magnets for devastation) - or there are very few, if any colleges anymore (save private schools that can afford mercenary forces to protect the campuses every year).
    • Maybe by this point, all colleges and universities are online campuses?
      • That's not even getting into the fact that over 90% of all sexual assaults and abuse are committed by people the victim knows, especially family members or close friends of the family. What about all the kids who are forced to continue living with sexually-abusive parents because the parents manage to restrain themselves until the Purge?
  • Moviebob brought this up in his review for The Purge, what other crimes are being committed during those twelve hours; hackers and black marketers doing all their work, all small businesses close because only megastores have the funds to hire private armies needed to keep their stuff, any terrorist attack on American soil, amoral scientists with no regards for human life begin inhuman experimentation on people and make work on any and all banned research.

Fridge Brilliance

  • The leader of the gang goes on and on about how their participation in the purge is doing a great service for their country. But the stranger is wearing dog tags and camo, indicating he's a former soldier and has probably done more for his country than they ever will.
  • The Sandins' neighbors resent them for their success, especially given that they feel that they essentially paid for the Sandins' lifestyle by buying James' security systems. When the Sandins' house is overrun, they also get to see that their "security" systems, identical to his, aren't all that they're cracked up to be. So their reason for attacking the Sandins is more than just petty jealousy — they feel that James ripped them off.
  • Probably not intentional, but The Purge is likely a major source of crony capitalism (the government supporting large businesses, and keeping them afloat). Big businesses, like Walmart, would have the resources to protect their assets, small businesses would not, and thus the competition would be eliminated.
  • All the below mentioned Fridge Logic about The Purge's supposed economic benefits can be justified by one simple fact: we only learn about said benefits via government propaganda. For all we know, it's all a bunch of lies.

Fridge Logic

  • People being free to commit any crime they want one night a year will "solve" the problem of criminals who do what they do For the Evulz, but the majority of crime is the drug industry, illegal sex trade, etc. It doesn't make any sense for The Purge to meaningfully reduce crime rates.
  • How could the lowered violence and unemployment rates for most of the year possibly balance out the millions (or billions) of dollars in damages and thousands of fatalities that happen in a single night, every single year?
    • A lot of the supporting materials (like the New Founders' Party site) imply that this is accomplished with both reducing the underclass as well as a significant industry surrounding the Purge (which includes more than just security systems — the site implies purge-related tourism is catching on, along with several public utilities essentially running on the bodies of the Purged). Dovetail this with the implications that the poor are the intended targets of the Purge and you have a lot of death and destruction, but not so much property damage. Compared to what it would take to pull off a major terrorist event capable of causing billions in damage and it turns out that death is, in fact, cheap.
      • Hint: you can't pull off a major terrorist event in this scenario, at least not on the scale of 9/11-esque attacks, because the shutdown in public services means you'd lack access to both a large crowd of "targets" as well as heavy machinery like aircraft. The best you could do is gain access to a nuclear device and detonate it that same night, which isn't happening for PLENTY of reasons — hey, they're only shutting down the police and EMS services. You bet your ass the military's security is still in force.
  • As a lot of movies get wrong a very low unemployment rate is actually bad for an economy. One it's raises inflation a lot faster then usual. (IE everyone has jobs so companies feel like they can raise prices and that leads to everyone else raising prices) and the fact it means that there is a much lower available labor pool, causing the economy to stagnate because no new jobs can be created and filled. In this case because they are killing off said labor pool.

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