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Fridge: The Nanny
Fridge Brilliance
  • I always thought that there were so many references to The Dick Van Dyke Show on The Nanny because it's a classic sitcom. Then it hit me. The actress who plays Yetta also played Millie on TDVDS. —tendollarlameo
  • I used to wonder why Maxwell was so oblivious to C.C.'s obvious interest in him then it hit me, she's always been obsessed with him and likely has always acted this way. As far as he's concerned she's just acting normal and probably just thinks she's kidding around, especially since she would have acted like that while he was married.

Fridge Horror
  • Okay, so C.C. and Niles marry as Fran is delivering her children because C.C. felt strange since Niles proposed. And guess what? It turns out C.C. is pregnant! Sure, it sounds dandy now, but we learn this after Fran's water breaks in the elevator and we briefly see C.C. drinking from a small bottle typically used for alcohol.

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