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  • When I first read the Diana Wynne Jones book Deep Secret as a kid (around 12/13 years old), I enjoyed it, but not as much as I had the rest of DWJ's books. I liked the characters (and the fact that the ugly girl gets the guy in the end), but the setting seemed strange, it wasn't as "magical" as her other books, and the ending seemed rushed. While I still think it ends a bit quickly, it's now my absolute favorite of all her books. I finally "get" the setting. It's set at a Fan Convention, and much of the story is simply spent observing geeks in their natural habitats—cosplaying, buying unusual porn, writing Filk Songs, and other nerd activities. And it does a strikingly good job of portraying this as well, in addition to being just plain funny otherwise. Now that I understand that aspect of it, I can't not love that book. -Freezair For A Limited Time
    • Same with me. Now that I'm much older and wiser at 14 and a total otaku, I really like the setting, and it's much more interesting to me, as I recognize a lot of geeky things.