Fridge / The Legend of Zelda Oracle games

Fridge Brilliance:

  • When Link first meets Marin in Link's Awakening, he mistakes her for Zelda. Zelda's sprite in this game is an edited version of Marin's.
  • In the intro for Oracle of Seasons, it's clearly bright daylight, while the intro for Oracle of Ages, it has more of a twilight-ish feel to it (observe). In the official timeline, Ages comes after Seasons, the intros to both games having hinted at that.
  • Between the seasick pirates of Seasons, the raft disaster in Ages, and the shipwreck surrounding Awakening, this Link clearly has terrible luck with sailing.
  • In "Seasons," the Maku Tree is unable to see the location of the final Essence of Nature in his dreams. That's because it's not in Holodrum—it's in Subrosia.