Fridge: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Fridge Brilliance
  • The Mario, Kirby, and other Nintendo guest stars in Link's Awakening seem a lot less out of place when you realize it's all just a dream.
    • Even better if you pay close attention to the cameo enemies. Most were from Super Mario Bros. 2, which took place in a dream world called Subcon, and Kirby is, well, from Dream Land. It's lighthearted foreshadowing.
      • In BS Super Mario USA, the Japan-only sequel to Super Mario Bros. 2 on the Satellaview, Wart tries to conquer Subcon again after lying low in another dream world for a while. He was on Koholint Island, and returned to Subcon when it disappeared.
  • Why did the Item Get jingle play when Marin joined your party? Because you two became an item!
    • He even picks her up and sweeps her off her feet (literally!)
  • The islanders mostly unchanging actions and dialogue (such as the kids constantly playing catch) make sense considering they're just part of a dream.
  • Why do the Shadow Nightmares take the forms of Agahnim and Ganon? Because this game's Link is the same one who fought them in A Link to the Past, and they've haunted his nightmares ever since.
  • Why is the boomerang so powerful compared to the rest of its counterparts? It's a dream! It's possible Link secretly wished the boomerang was more powerful, and the dream picked up on it!
  • The Nightmares take on the form of Agahnim and Ganon in the final battle because they're exploiting Link's personal fears and experiences in a vain attempt to defeat him. When that doesn't work, they turn into the Lovecraftian mass known as Death Eye and wildly swing in a last-ditch effort to try and defeat you.

Fridge Horror
  • At the end of the game, Link wakes up clinging to a log in the middle of the open ocean, with no apparent means of getting anywhere or contacting anyone. Isn't he going to die of exposure, dehydration, and/or sharks?
    • As has been pointed out many times already, Link wakes to the sound of seagulls flying overhead, implying that he's near the shore.
    • Besides, the Wind Fish may have given him some assistance.
  • This troper was describing the plot of the game to a friend, and got as far as When you wake the wind fish, the island ceases to be and OH MY GOD THE WIND FISH IS AZATHOTH. Naturally, this makes the warnings about "waking the dreamer" significantly more sinister.

Fridge Logic

  • Wind Fish is a Nintendo-Fan. If he dreamed about all those Nintendo-characters and cameos so much, it has to reflect to his true nature as well.
  • In the tower, you break four pillars on one floor... And cause the floor above to collapse on itself.
  • In the trading sequence, the woman that you give the Yoshi doll to says her baby's been asking for one. But... he's very clearly a baby, how is he asking for anything specific?
    • Maybe the kid pointed to it while the mother was walking by.