Fridge: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Fridge Brilliance
  • The Mario, Kirby, and other Nintendo guest stars in Link's Awakening seem a lot less out of place when you realize it's all just a dream. Even better if you pay close attention to the cameo enemies. Most were from Super Mario Bros. 2, which took place in a dream world called Subcon, and Kirby is, well, from Dream Land. It's lighthearted foreshadowing.
  • Why did the Item Get jingle play when Marin joined your party? Because you two became an item! He even picks her up and sweeps her off her feet (literally!)
  • The islanders mostly unchanging actions and dialogue (such as the kids constantly playing catch) make sense considering they're just part of a dream.
  • Why do the Shadow Nightmares take the forms of Agahnim and Ganon? Because this game's Link is the same one who fought them in A Link to the Past, and they've haunted his nightmares ever since.
  • Why is the boomerang so powerful compared to the rest of its counterparts? It's a dream. It's possible Link secretly wished the boomerang was more powerful, and the dream picked up on it.
  • The Nightmares take on the form of Agahnim and Ganon in the final battle because they're exploiting Link's personal fears and experiences in a vain attempt to defeat him. When that doesn't work, they turn into the Lovecraftian mass known as Death Eye and wildly swing in a last-ditch effort to try and defeat you.
  • Wind Fish is a Nintendo-Fan. If he dreamed about all those Nintendo-characters and cameos so much, it has to reflect to his true nature as well.

Fridge Logic

  • In the tower, you break four pillars on one floor... And cause the floor above to collapse on itself.