Fridge / The Karate Kid

Original films:

  • Why does Daniel choose the Crane Stance and kick in the final round? As has already been noted, the move is obvious and nigh-impossible to execute. Simple: Due to the "Sweep the leg" thing, Daniel's left foot can no longer support his weight, but rather than throw in the towel, he gambles everything on a desperation move, the one move he actually has a chance of performing. And it works.
  • In traditional Okinawan karate, only family members were taught- it was literally passed from father to son. So Mr. Miyagi sees Daniel as the son he might have had, and his father saw Sato as a second son to him.
  • The reason Sato did a Heel–Face Turn. Ya sure the practical reason was that Miyagi saved his life despite being all antagonistic towards him. However Fridge Brilliance suggests that it goes deeper than that. He also reclaimed his lost honor by helping Miyagi and Daniel save the bell girl. In other words he honored a life debt which freed him from his decades long disgrace.
  • In the second film, Miyagi doesn't want Daniel to come along, giving such reasons as the high cost. Then they reach Okinawa and the fight with Sato flares up again. Perhaps Miyagi's biggest reason was not wanting Daniel to get caught in the middle of it.
  • Ever notice how Sato doesn't directly attack Daniel, it's because he has no quarrel with him. Chozen's actions against Daniel directly are his own doing and not on Sato's orders and the reason Sato doesn't encourage or interfere is because he's honarable enough to leave the quarrel between Daniel and Chozen. The exception being when he was betting during the ice break challenge, only because Miyagi was betting too.
  • Fridge Horror: The second film makes it quite clear that the fight between Chozen and Daniel is to the death. That would be one hell of an awkward conversation Miyagi would have to have with Daniel's mother had he lost and Miyagi had been unable to do anything...
  • Fridge Brilliance: The crane kick from the first movie is presented as a nigh-unblockable move, when done correctly, that Daniel uses to win the tournament. (It is actually not particularly difficult to avoid or block. In fact, as any martial artists can testify, it is a rather silly move, given that the kicker's stance is inherently unstable. It is also pretty obvious what kick – a jumping front kick – is going to follow.) In the fight with Chozen in part 2, he tries the move again, only to have Chozen block it easily. Miyagi mentions to Daniel that his own father taught him the crane, and the man was also Sato's teacher. It is very reasonable to assume that Miyagi's father taught Sato the move as well, and Sato passed the move - and how to block it - to his nephew.
  • In Karate Kid II. For years, it seemed that Sato has been trying to break the log that he and Miyagi found when they were young and has been unsuccessful in doing so. During the storm, he is pinned down by a board that is the same weight and size as the log and uanble to move. Yet Miyagi breaks it and frees him, you then remember the breathing technique Miyagi taught Daniel to help him focus and concentrate. Sato has not been able to break the log all this time because he has been so consumed by anger and rage over what happened that he cannot concentrate on anything else whilst Miyagi has let go of the past and that is what enabled him to free Sato.
  • Fridge Logic from part 2: Kreese assaults Johnny by catching him in what is essentially a stranglehold, even going so far as to stop his other students from trying to come to Johnny's aid, and showing no signs that he will let Johnny go. If not for Miyagi's intervening, Johnny would have been seriously injured, or worse. How was Kreese going to explain that to Johnny's parents?

2010 film:

  • In the 2010 The Karate Kid remake, Cheng was particularly jealous of Dre and Mei Ying's relationship. Keep in mind of China's one child policy and how there is a shortage of girls in China. Mei Ying might be the only girl that Cheng had a chance to marry.
    • Also the scene where Dre falls asleep on Mr Han's lap and his following hesitation to put his hand on Dre's shoulder made a lot more sense when we find out about Mr Han's deceased son who would have been around the same age as Dre.
  • In their first confrontation, Cheng gave Dre a black left eye. Dre's last blow the won the match landed over Cheng's left eye.
  • Fridge Horror: What would have happened if, instead of Mr. Han, Dre's mom had tried to intervene when the other kids were beating him up? They probably would have murdered them both.
  • Fridge Brilliance/Fridge Hilarity: Dre asks Mei Ying to make a pinky swear. Notice that she looked offset when he holds out his pinky finger. It's because that's how you flip someone off in China.
    • This also gives Mei Ying's parents further reason to be pissed at Dre when he shows his pinky finger at the audition.
  • When Dre moves to China, he's maxing and relaxing all cool while shooting some B-ball outside of his school when a couple of guys who were up to no good, started causing trouble by giving him a black eye. Like father like son?