Fridge / The Invisible Man

The novel

The TV series

Fridge Logic:

  • Who in their right mind in any position of authority would approve giving an invisibility gland to a man who has been convicted twice of theft?
    • And once for molesting the elderly.
    • Someone who is a) under pressure from the project's irreplaceable head scientist and b) frankly in need of an expendable test subject, given what happened to the last one.
      • Especially given the highly likely chance that the test subject will die in the experiment, someone who's got nothing to lose is a pretty good choice.
    • In one episode (where the gland was temporarily non-functional on top of everything,) Darien tells Eberts that this actually made him an attractive test subject aside from his irreplaceable brother's insistence; his skills let him hit the ground running when he starts as an espionage agent.

Fridge Horror:

  • There's something chilling about the idea of a sibling using you to test a risky gland. Plus that trick Kevin pulls with the spiders is pretty unpleasant because as Darien's brother he would be well-placed to know and exploit Darien's fears.
  • So the horror of having to kill a 12 year old (who is carrying a deadly virus) to save countless others is explored in the episode "Johnny Apocalypse" but it is also horrifying that Alex used Darien and Bobby to help gain Adam's trust and take him away to the secret lab without telling them what they were really doing or why.