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Fridge / The Holders Series

  • Fridge Logic - How could these instructions have possibly been collected? Many of them describe situations which are impossible to escape alive or sane.
    • Also, since the vast majority of the stories begin with "In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself to ", doesn't that imply (by way of the word any) that theoretically all of the Holders whose instructions begin with those words could be in the same institution? Obviously they're not, but that's not what Fridge Logic is all about...
    • There's no reason why they can't be in the same institution. Its pretty clear that the holders avert the normal rules of geometry.
      • Maybe it could all be in a sort of transdimensional plane?
    • Why doesn't The End of the World as We Know It need the 2000 lost objects?
      • Probably because all of the lost objects have already come together. Or have been destroyed, which accomplishes the same thing. Either way, it's Fridge Horror.
      • Those 2000 are all already gathered together.
    • ok quick question how are seekers suppose to get Legion? It is mentioned that the item end witch is use to kill the holder of leagion can never be obtained and the seeker will die at the hands of its holder you can't get the end and with out that object how are you suppose to become the next holder of legion?
      • ...physically drag the Holder of the End all the way out there?
      • Maybe it is possible to kill the Holder of the End instead of asking him the question (which would end with your death on the room). Maybe you can avoid dying against the Holder of the End by first visiting the Holder of Wisdom, and you get the object instead.
      • Maybe I am misunderstanding, but I think it is possible to take the item from the Holder of the End so long as you don't actually look at it. A challenge to be sure, but I think that may be the point. (Though I could be wrong.)
      • The Holder of Adversary (Object 14) knows how to defeat your greatest foe; be it the Holder of the End or the Holder of Legion, either way it'll give you a method to obtain Object 1.