Fridge: The Final Sacrifice

Fridge Logic

  • Seven years after killing Troy's dad, Satoris and his goons break into Troy's house just ONE DAY after he finally finds the map. Also, exactly why does Satoris want the map? If it's to find the idol, he eventually finds it by himself without using the map at all. If it's to keep other people from using the map, well, near the end of the movie he conducts a little ritual that causes the map to burst into flame, so why even try to steal it the old-fashioned way?
    • Also, Pipper at first disputes the very idea of an idol. "I know what you're thinkin'; me and Thomas searched and found nothin'." Why couldn't they find it, but Satoris can? Also, the very next morning after dismissing the idol's existence, when he and Rowsdower discover Troy has been kidnapped to be sacrificed to the idol, Pipper is able to give Rowsdower perfect directions to the idol.
      • Two theories on that - Either bad writing or Piper was initially lying to discourage Zap & Troy. Once Troy was kidnapped, Pipper had no choice but to tell the truth so Zap can rescue Troy.
    • They break in in broad daylight, and yet none of the unseen neighbors in the crowded neighborhood seem to notice the hooded men with machetes and chainsaws.
      • Well, it was the middle of the day. Maybe most of Troy's neighbors were at work when this happened? Or if anyone was home and did see or hear the cult attacking the house, maybe they didn't think they could successfully pull off a Big Damn Heroes against a large, armed, organized group. We only follow Troy as he flees the neighborhood. Maybe his neighbors were all calling the police and Troy just escaped the area before the cops could show up?
    • And isn't it a lucky coincidence that Troy, in escaping from the cult, happened to jump into the truck of an ex-member.
      • Because Eagle Hat is a crowded metropolis?
  • Why would Troy get upset about Rowsdower calling the police?! Hell, you would think that once he was in the back of the truck and far enough away from the cultists, Troy would have gotten Rowsdower's attention, explained that some psychos had broken into his home and chased him with machetes, and asked him to take him to the police in the first place so that he could file a report and make sure his aunt knew he was okay. Yes, I know Troy is determined to figure out the map and learn how his father died, but there's no reason he couldn't have gone exploring the woods after the police have nabbed the crazy cult that's after him.

Fridge Brilliance
  • Remember the huge hill Satoris' Mooks chase Rowsdower up? The one the climactic final battle took place on? Satoris probably used the hook to Batman up the ledge with Troy in tow, and took the rifle as a precaution against Rowsdower or Pipper mounting an assault. Either Rowsdower cut him off from the rifle during their one-on-one duel, or (more likely, since Satoris is a dumbass) he ended up holding the Idiot Ball and neglected the rifle in favor of his torch.

Fridge Horror