Fridge / The Familiar of Zero

Fridge Horror
  • Technically Louise comes very close to being a Yandere in the novels. In one scene, seeing Saito with another girl upsets her so much she hits him with a explosion spell which apparently comes very close to killing him. Apparently, he couldn't even move afterwards.
    • Actually, just Louise and Saito's relationship in general if you think too hard about it. I mean, in the anime at least, it's implied that Saito being whipped is a daily event, and if you take into account that he still does her laundry and sets out her clothes, and gets whipped if he does complain about it, Saito looks kinda like a slave.
      • The anime exaggerates her temper more than she is in the light novels. The anime was also directed by the same person as the Love Hina anime, who did the same thing with Naru Narusegawa and made her come across as a total bitch. Why do that to the main love interests? Apparently, the angry girlfriend/wife thing is considered the height of slapstick comedy in East Asia, meaning that he exaggerated their tempers because it was supposed to be funny. Culture Clash, or bad taste?