* Hale's razor. He's the only truly bald one on the team. (Lee and Toll have head stubble.)
* Ross' raven-on-a-skull tattoo. One guy mistakes the raven for a chicken, but if you look at it from a greater distance, it also resembles an exaggerated combover - [[VisualPun a nod to most of the cast's advanced years.]] The logo also appears on end of their plane, as the symbol of the "Global Conservancy".
* When Booker saves Barney and Co. from the ambush, notice how when he first appears, he only has a machine gun at his disposal, and no rocket launchers. At first this seems to be an error, as tanks cannot be blown up with bullets. Then you realize [[Creator/ChuckNorris who plays Booker]], and the fact that he ''doesn't need a rocket'' to blow up tanks.
** [[BoringButPractical Or he just used a disposable rocket launcher.]] Also, his [[CoolGuns G36C]] is also used by the Sangs, meaning that he has a near-endless supply of spare ammo that he can loot from the dead bodies - all he has to do is reach down and pick up preloaded mags, as opposed to reloading his own magazines by hand.