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Fridge: The Colbert Report
Fridge Brilliance
  • Whenever Stephen Colbert talks to his Companion Cube handgun, Sweetness, he holds it up to his deaf ear. I thought this was just weird until someone pointed out that this is to emphasise that the gun isn't really talking to him - the voice is in his head. All the impulses to kill the studio audience are his. —Rissa
    • Or it could just be that he's right-handed, and would naturally hold a pistol with that hand and hence, lift it to the same ear if he were going to pretend it was speaking to him.
      • OR it could be that all of the above also factor into him being deaf because he discharged the pistol right next to his ear...
    • As per his news commentator persona, Stephen almost always has a pen and some paper with him at his desk. And as per his persona's deep-seated rage, Stephen often points an accusing finger at people (he even has a segment called "Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger"). It just suddenly hit me one day that, because Stephen holds the pen with his index finger, that means that when he points at something he's usually using a finger that's ... how should I put this? A little more towards the middle of the hand.
      • As seen on the Flame War page.
      • Many people point with their middle finger, without meaning anything by it.
      • Yes, but many people aren't Colbert. It's unlikely that this was unintentional on his part.
  • As mentioned on the Bears Are Bad News page: Colbert mocks the typical conservative talk-show host mentality with his routine. The talk-show movement stems in large part fromt he success of Bill O'Reilly, who Colbert has nicknamed "papa bear". Colbert has also declared Bears the greatest threat to America. That means Bill O'Reilly is the greatest threat of the greatest threats to America. -TS Basilisk

Fridge Horror
  • Taken out of context, "Ukraine is on the brink of disaster. So, things are improving" implies that the situation in Ukraine used to be, well, disastrous. Then again, that's technically true.

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