Fridge / The Chrysalids

Fridge Horror

  • Given the fact that David and Petra are exposed as mutants, their mother would have had four mutant children, thus it's very likely that Joseph would have banished Emily to the Fringes as part of standard Waknuk law.
    • I think Waknuk law only provides this as grounds for summary divorce, not banishment to the Fringes.
      • Plus Joseph dies by the end, so he's not in any position to divorce or banish anybody.
  • Sure, Gordon Strorm tried to rape Rosalind, but keep in mind, he said that both Rosalind and Petra (his own niece) were fertile. What part of the book says that he wouldn't try and "have relations" with Petra?
  • The Monochrome Casting. We see that both black skin and albinism are considered deviant traits, and apparently the sterilize-and-banish approach is fairly new. It seems very likely that the previous generations of Joseph-like fanatics killed all people of colour they could get to.