* Taran needs protection to get the lid off of the pot in the beginning, but when Dallben does it, he has no protection. It must have been because of his training under the Witches of Morva.

* Gurgi, before his [[spoiler:HeroicSacrifice]], says "Gurgi won't let his friend die! Taran has many friends. Gurgi has no friends." But you just referred to Taran as your friend...
** More like "Fridge Sadness". Gurgi is well aware that Taran doesn't think too highly of him (to put it mildly), and yet he's still the closest thing to a friend Gurgi has.
** Friendship isn't entirely mutual; one person may consider another a friend while the other doesn't think that much of them. [[AliceAndBob Alice can be Bob's friend]] without Bob being Alice's. Gurgi is just showing awareness of this paradox.
** And even if Taran ''did'' like Gurgi at all, maybe he just meant "no ''other'' friends".
* So, the witches state that they can only give up the Cauldron if given something in trade. Gurgi offers his apple core, which one of the witches takes. So shouldn't that mean that they get the Cauldron without having to surrender the sword, since their offer was accepted?