Fridge: The Annoying Orange

  • So...how does everyone move around with no arms and no legs? They're, you know, fruit.
    • Maybe they have small muscles that they don't use very often because it is very hard to work them.
    • In Exploding Orange, shortly after Kiwi explodes, we hear footsteps as Passion and Pear run into the room. It's likely a case of Invisible Anatomy.
  • How are fruits related? Grapefruit is shown to have a sister, a second cousin, a grandpa, and a nephew, and Red and Golden Delicious are cousins. Fruits from the same tree are probably related, but what make them a parent, cousin, sibling, etc.?
    • Umm... I suppose that, unless the plants are self-pollinating, two pollinating plants who produce seeds can be considered parents.
    • Then why is Orange's mother also an orange?
  • How does Orange stay alive for so long? Surely he would have been eaten or gone rotten or something?
    • Status Quo Is God. And besides, then we'd have a series called Annoying Orange with no annoying orange.
      • Then again, as revealed by More Annoying Oranges, ALL oranges are insufferable. In some cases, even to other oranges.
      • That would explain how Orange annoyed the dinosaurs and is still annoying people today.
    • He's so creepy everyone's afraid to eat him.
    • He's been sitting on that same counter for two years. Would YOU eat him?
  • How can Marshmallow sneeze if he doesn't have a nose?
    • The same way Orange can smell smoke without a nose.
  • In Saw 2: Annoying Death Trap, Jigsaw's victims (not counting Orange) are Marshmallow, a graham cracker, and a piece of chocolate. S'mores, anyone?
    • Possibly Foreshadowed by Orange, when Jigsaw sets Marshmallow on fire:
      Orange: Stop it, I don't think he can take any Smore!
  • In Back to the Fruiture, there is no proof that evil future Orange really is evil or that good future Orange really is good.
  • In Daneboe Exposed #6: HACKED!!!, if Daneboe didn't want Cuddles to eat Bacon, why did Daneboe leave Bacon on a plate on the floor?
  • If Little Apple hates being called Midget Apple, why does his car say "Midget Apple" on the side of it?
    • A lot of people seem to have trouble remembering that. The guy who painted his truck was most likely one of them.