Fridge / The Adventures of the American Rabbit

  • Fridge Horror - If it is to be believed what the movie sets up about there being only cartoon animals populating this world, then where did the human Statue of Liberty come from? This leads to many theories from the viewer that revolve around the movie Planet of the Apes...
  • Another one involving the imprisoned moose. The Big Bad captures him and demands he make chocolate, lots of chocolate. He then sticks him in a cell and seemingly expects him to get on with it, with no ingredients or equipment. How the hell was he supposed to do it? Of course, the character was called The Chocolate Moose. Was the implication that he is somehow made of chocolate, or can produce it magically?
  • The fact that the only way for Rob to return to his original form would be to just say his own name out loud. Which actually would have been really funny if the writers were smart enough to have actually written it.
  • Vultor's plot to burn down the boat in New Orleans was a perfect opportunity for You Have Outlived Your Usefulness. If Vultor is as evil as he says he is, he could've just left the jackals to burn on the ship along with everyone else, not needing that boat that pulled in next to it—he would've just shed the gangster clothes and flew away. Granted, the American Rabbit would've saved everyone anyway (probably including the jackals too)—but if he did that, the story's moral of not basing people on stereotypes would've actually meant something instead of tacked on.