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Fridge Brilliance
  • For a while after becoming affiliated with the insanity that is the TGWTG fandom, I started wondering the high quality of the fanfiction, most notably all-around high-IC rates and complete lack of Character Derailment. Then it hit me - plenty of the writers are tropers, and those that aren't watch videos from reviewers who are raging against the exact same things. Also the prevalence of tropers/trope-savvy people has also kept some of the more unpleasant fandom-tropes like Fan Dumb and Ship-to-Ship Combat out. The people are simply too aware to fall into such things. Which is awesome. -Van Irie
  • In the That Guy with the Glasses 3rd year anniversary special Suburban Knights, James "The Angry Video Game Nerd" Rolfe portrays the Voice of the Ancient World. This already made for a hilarious cameo, but it enters Fridge Brilliance territory when you consider that the AVGN show is often considered the first internet reviewer show and was the inspiration for many online reviewers today (some of which are members of Channel Awesome). This makes James Rolfe sort of an "ancient prophet / benevolent precursor" to the online community. Also the fact that he reviews retro video games, you could say he "voices" his opinion on the "ancient world" of video games.-Cody M
    • One could easily put down the bad fight choreography of everyone but Malachite (his actor is a black belt martial artist) to the fact that the film is a labor of love by people whose main jobs are reviewing things on the internet rather than producing action films. Or you could put it down to the fact that the protagonists are a bunch of internet reviewers and Jaffers' minions are just a bunch of his friends who he taught magic to. Of course they don't know the first thing about fighting.
    • Same goes for the costumes. They're not actual characters, they're minions/reviewers dressed up as those characters, so it makes sense half the costumes look handmade or bought from Walmart.
    • Another less obvious thought is that the movie is a stealth commentary on the "dystopia of technology" that Malachite was so railing against. Ma-ti defeating Malachite? Awesome! However, one must also remember why Heart was chosen as part of Captain Planet. "For all the heart it's gonna take to make a change." The stealth commentary is that Science is a good and useful thing, but it is the Heart we share with each other that will ultimately make life meaningful, as evidenced by such solemn and respectful show off to Ma-ti. Less rage against the machines, more finding the balance with them. And despite what some seem to think about the internet, there is genuine heart in online comedy, and it's not really a frivolous medium after all. Well played Doug. Well played.
  • In his Vlog review of the Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 1 finale, he claims he has no idea why the moon would be connected to Waterbending — hard not to picture him saying, "I am sorry, but I do not know much about the tides."