* The 1946 Creator/TexAvery cartoon "Lonesome Lenny'' is about a big, friendly dog who [[AndCallHimGeorge has a tendency to crush "little friends" to death]]. The last one he does this to: none other than [[DownerEnding our hero]], ScrewySquirrel. Now, add that to the fact that Screwy is shown dead in [[KilledOffForReal his last cartoon]], and put two and two together.
** This isn't that surprising, considering [[CreatorBacklash Avery's hatred of the character]].
* "Jerky Turkey" from 1945 ends with both the pilgrim and the turkey ending up [[EatenAlive inside Joe the bear's stomach]]. Although it's depicted in a humorous manner, the fridge horror kicks in once you realize the implications of the fact that they basically got ''eaten''. Which means they are essentially doomed, they'll never see their families again, and they'll eventually get ''digested alive''. It doesn't help that the cartoon ends with them still in the stomach and neither of those characters is ever seen again...