Fridge / Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo

Fridge Brilliance
  • When Saico-Tek is being interrogated by Robin, he is utterly terrified. While ranting, he says, "He is angry, cruel! He will erase me!" Knowing the ending, think long and hard about the implications of that last sentence.
  • Robin's apparently lethal beat-down of Saico-Tek in Tokyo seems out of character for someone who was trained by Batman, who takes Thou Shalt Not Kill so seriously he even spares the Joker. However, it's shown at several points in the series that Robin, for all his training (or perhaps because of it), has quite the inner rage problem, and control issues to boot. The beatdown he gives Saico-Tek is identical to the one he unleashed against the Slade-bots in the first season's two-parter finale. You know, the one where he frightened the other Teen Titans and almost went psychotic on an innocent civilian he spotted near the scene? And all because he kept getting the run-around from Slade?
    • Don't forget, Saico-Tek is made of ink. Robin's beating may not have been too strong for a robot or even a human body...but a blob of solidified liquid?
    • Also, Robin believed Saico-Tek had a Healing Factor, since he'd regenerated from everything he'd been hit with the first time. So naturally, he wouldn't hold back on someone who could take it and who had required so much effort to subdue the first time.
  • The basic colors of all Brushogun's creatures - cyan, magenta, yellow and black. For those not aware, these are the basic colors used in printer ink.
  • Beast Boy jokes that Saico-Tek wasn't waterproof. And, at the end, it turns out that he was right, because Saico-Tek was made of ink.
  • This one straddles between Fridge Brilliance and Fridge Horror. After revealing Brushogun's name, Saico-Tek kicks open a fire sprinkler and disappears. We later realize that Saico-Tek washed away from the water. Now if we think about this, by revealing Brushogun was an act of betraying his master. And considering the old traditions of Japan, Saico-Tek committed seppuku, a form of ritualistic suicide to atone for his failure.