Fridge / Tears to Tiara

  • I had one when I started watching for the second time. They really only emphasize it in the first episode, but the Gaul clan worship the Morning Star. That it, the planet Venus. Seems like a typical Pagan religion. But then, much much later, you learn that Arawn's true name is Lucifer. Who is also called the Morning Star. The Gauls have been worshipping Arawn all along! How's that for foreshadowing? //
    • That makes the end of the final episode where Rhiannon thanks the Morning Star while watching sunset with Arawn and Arthur somehow amusing.
  • The original PC game does not have this problem as the Rubrum wasn't in it, but in the Anime the Gael tribe crushed the equivalent of the Praetorian Guards for the Senate (the Senatorial Guards?). This alone should convince the Senate that the Demon King really is as badass Gaius said. Instead of sending Gaius reinforcements because the Gaels wiped out the Elite Guards and killed its commander, the Senate withholds reinforcements based on the report of a spy on Arawan's daily life during time of relative peace. Are they really all senile old geezers or something?