Fridge / Tales of Bleach: Unreal Society

Fridge Logic
  • Why does the Derris Emblem not work on Soifon? She fought Yoruichi and overcame the only thing that had been haunting her for over a century.
  • During the course of Unreal Society Ichigo states that no one knows why Chad's powers are the way they are. He is only 16 at this time and doesn't meet Ginjo and learn about fullbring until his senior year.
  • Momo has actually had an experience of a sudden change with a person: with Aizen
  • Rangiku would know better than anyone that sometimes people have ulterior motives for what they attempt: Gin.
  • Rukia would know what it's like to take another life and feel guilty. Look at what happened with Kaien.

Fridge Brilliance
  • In the first chapter of Return of the Samurai Ichigo states that Emil starts off stronger than Lloyd. This is actually true. After Emil forges the pact with Ratatosk he is actually a higher level than Lloyd if one starts a fresh game of Tales of Symphonia.
  • Why does Alice attach Sheena to her bad list? Cause Alice has a crush on Ichigo and Sheena is in her way.
  • When Lloyd executes Vargus he only uses Flamberge not even bothering with the Vorpal Sword despite having it drawn. Why? Because Flamberge is Kratos' sword and the scene is symbolic to show that Lloyd is becoming more like his father.