Fridge / Tachyon: The Fringe

  • Fridge Logic: The Demon Pirates are the insane victims of living in the Twilight Fog for generations mindlessly attacking everyone who isn't them, but for some reason they have the best ships in the game.
    • Several bits of game text imply that the Demon Pirates built their own ships long before the Fog got to them, and they still have a sense of unity amongst themselves—making sure they're at the utmost readiness would explain what they're doing when they're not killing everyone they come across. As with the Bandits of Borderlands 2, it isn't too far-fetched to imagine a group of insane people could still have some skilled engineers in their midst.
  • Fridge Horror: Feel good about destroying GalSpan in the Bora timeline? Now play the GalSpan timeline, where you are told that if GalSpan falls then the subsequent redundancies will lead to widespread unemployment, completely wrecking the Fringe economy. Nice Job breaking it, you.
    • Equally, take Jake's perspective in the Bora timeline: the Mega-Corporation that used him as a fall guy for mass murder and got him exiled from his own homeworld in the process has been atleast humbled if not flat-out broken, the Bora (his adoptive people) are free, and that's not even including the righteous anger inspired by the destruction of New Dawn and the fact that GalSpan were more than willing to destroy a hospital station, and did destroy the Neptune medical station. OK, the redundancies suck, but in a resource fertile space such as the Fringe, skilled workers won't be out of work long, and with the collapse of the Fringe oligopoly's strongest member and the consequent seller's-market hiring scramble among surviving companies with sudden plans for rapid expansion into what were formerly GalSpan territories, rehired workers will likely get much fairer deals than they'd had before.