Fridge: Super Princess Peach

  • Fridge Brilliance: Boos with blindfolds.
    • Peach is the only one capable of controlling her emotions, hence why she's the heroine.
    • Bowser loves Peach, correct? So he wouldn't want her to be destroyed, hence why the game is so much easier: They're going easy on her because Bowser loves her.
  • Fridge Horror: She's got a carnivorous umbrella and violent mood swings. Imagine the mayhem she could get up to if she was less inherently nice.
    • Also of note is that the idle animation is Perry trying to eat her. Imagine what mayhem Perry could get up to if he was being wielded by, say, Bowser.
    • Just how long has it been since Perry was separated from his "grandpa"? For all we know, Perry's "grandpa" has long since died of old age.