Fridge / Stealth

  • Captain Cummings claims that "EDI is the whole point" of the brand-new anti-terrorist unit he's in charge of. Then why the heck did they spend money on the F/A-37 Talon? There's nothing they do (besides defy physics and try to invoke Rule of Cool) that three Super Hornets couldn't have accomplished just as easily.
    • Because the Talons were also hypersonic-capable and (apparently) on a whole new level of stealthy. If nothing else, they needed the Talons to keep up with EDI while the computer was learning.
    • And to serve as a kind of... backup plan if EDI were to go rogue.
  • EDI downloads every song ever and chooses a very generic sounding song for any time it pulls of a "Ride of the Valkyries" moment. Why not pick something a little less dull?
    • EDI is a learning program. It's smart, but it still needs guidance to make the correct decisions, at least initially. EDI would need time to develop a taste for music. Until then, generic music was the best it could select.