Fridge / Stargate Continuum

Fridge Logic:

  • How exactly did Cam get back to earth after time traveling to save everything? One Stargate was on that boat and under the sand until then and the other was under the ice.
    • The gate was dug out in 1928, Cam returns in 1929, 10 years before the boat incident. Presumably, he came out of whatever warehouse the gate was stored in.
  • At the end, Daniel wonders what Ba'al's plan was, and Teal'c responds that they "shall never know". Except they could, you know, ask Ba'al's host who retains the memories of all that happened while he was under Ba'al's control.
    • Hasn't the poor host suffered enough without needlessly reminding him?
    • Not Original!Ba'al, just a clone, probably created for the express purpose of deceiving the Tok'ra and without any knowledge of the plan
  • How did Ba'al end up with Anubis' mothership, which A. designed himself? For that matter, where is Anubis?
    • Maybe Ba'al went to Oma and warned her before Anubis could do his trick. Or he just killed him before he became half-ascended.
    • Or he used Merlin's weapon in this Galaxy.
      • ... Which would be very effective and wipe out a lot of potential competition.