Fridge: Spartacus: Blood and Sand

  • Agron's Catch Phrase is: "F*cking Gauls!", usually spoken in relation to something Crixus is doing. As Gaul is basically the future France, and Agron is a German, this is almost an ancient foreshadowing of later Franco-Germanic relations across the next 2,000+ years.
  • The final speech delivered by Agron: "One day Rome shall fade and crumble..." is somewhat ironic as well as prophetic, since the Germanic peoples, especially the Visigoths, Vandals and Ostrogoths, would play a major role in the breakup of the Roman Empire and the sack of the city of Rome itself in 410, 455 and 546C.E. respectively.
  • In S 1 E 1, Sura tells her husband that she'd had a warning dream: an image of him on his knees before a red serpent, his life draining away. It gives the impression that the red serpent is the symbol of an enemy that will claim his life. In S 4 E 10, after Spartacus is mortally injured by three spears and he is slowly bleeding out around them, Agron rushes to his aid and helps him up from the ground to his knees... while wearing a shield with a red serpent strapped to his arm.