Fridge / Space Mutiny

Fridge Brilliance
  • If Cisse Cameron is to be believed, then it makes sense that this movie has every bad sci-fi cliche in the book. That was the point. Or so she claims.

Fridge Horror

Fridge Logic
  • ...wait, if their ship has a shuttle bay, why don't the disaffected crew members just leave?
    • Why, on a colony ship, are these mutineers so bad for wanting to land?
      • According to MacPhearson it would "violate the law of the universe. The law of the galaxy."
      • Apparently some dialogue was trimmed from the MST3K cut that stated that Kalgon & MacPherson were going to sell everybody in the ship to the Space Pirates as slaves.
    • Another point, this is a generational ship, that receives guests. So FTL exists. So why the generational ship?
      • In theory a generational ship could have set out on its mission before Faster-Than-Light Travel was invented.
      • Alternately, maybe while it can travel faster than the speed of light, it can't travel infinitely fast to reach where ever it's going.
      • They talk about calling for help, so the ships must be able to catch them up quickly. Also the scene implies that it has been like that since they set off... I shouldn't be appling logic to this film should I?
      • Adding to the confusion, Ryder apparently wasn't native to the where did he come from? And where was he picking up the professor from?
    • And Kalgan's big plan involves taking it to a planet largely occupied by Space Pirates. So if there are already inhabited worlds, then why hasn't the ship landed yet?
      • They don't want to share?
      • Kalgan made a deal with the pirates. What did he offer them? What were the terms? It seemed like he wanted to ally with the pirates to use the southern sun to take over some inhabited world, but when they encountered the pirates later, the pirates just attacked the ship that Kalgan was supposed to take over.
      • They're The Pirates Who Don't Land Anywhere
    • Why does the Golgafrincham B-Ark come to mind?
      • That... actually explains the entire plot very neatly.
  • Ryder mentions he wishes the commander could "control his daughter as well as he does his ship". In the middle of fighting the mutineers.
    • This was even lampshaded by the MST3K crew.
    Ryder: I just wish he [Commander Jansen] could control you as well as he controls this ship.
    Crow: So... have a mutiny on her?
  • When Commander Jansen learns that MacPhearson is with Kalgan, he says that MacPhearson knows all their counter-measures. So why did Kalgan attempt to torture Lea into revealing Jansen's counter-measures?
    • Because Kalgan's people were complete morons and totally incompetent. MacPhearson was too busy running around acting conspicuously nonchalant to think to tell Kalgan he knew the counter-measures. And also, Kalgan is a super-evil Dastardly Whiplash. He did it because it was fun.
  • While the stock footage was obviously ripped from Battlestar Galactica, what if that wasn't the only impact? The plot itself specifically mimicking BSG would explain a few things - why the Commander apparently outranks the Captain like Adama outranked Colonel Tigh, the dancing with hoops rather than BSG's dancing with ropes, and the Bellarians as an expy of the Ship of Lights.
    • The battle with the pirates is practically a Fix Fic for the scene it's taken from, changing it so the Pegasus wins easily instead of going down in a Pyrrhic Victory.