Fridge: Sonic SatAM

Fridge Horror:

  • So for the majority of the first season we see that Robotnik has a robotic pet bird named Cluck. The fridge horror comes in when you realize that Robotnik has a huge knack for robotocising animals...
  • The effects of Robotoization are disturbing enough but it gets even scarier when you wonder if the victims are aware if their actions or not.
  • The robot double from "Sonic and Sally" could very well have been a roboticized Mobian!
  • One of the early episodes had Robotnik capture an elderly Freedom Fighter known as Cat. By the end of the episode, Cat disappears. Because he is never seen again and he doesn't seem to have been roboticized, one can assume that Robotnik killed him.
    • Robotnik menacingly tells Cat he has "marvellous machines of all kinds, machines that can do things you would not believe!", which implies that Cat was tortured to death without even making it as far as the roboticizer.
    • Not helped by the Freedom Fighters' brushing it off very quickly.
  • There don't seem to be any humans aside from Snively and Robotnik. While it was planned for Mobius to be Earth After the End, Robotnik's backstory means that they weren't all wiped out. Did Robotnik kill them? Or is this the reason his SWATbots resemble people?
    • Adding fuel to the fire, if they are robotocised humans then throughout the entire series Sonic and the Freedom Fighters have been killing, dismembering , and even WEARING humans!
      • In their defence, they probably don't know that they're humans, given that the main cast were very young when Robotnik took over. Which is still just as scary.
  • What if Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Sat AM are both canon, and Ao St H takes place first? That means that at some point, Robotnik transitions from a bumbling, incompetent Man Child to the Not-So-Harmless Villain of Sat AM. Makes you wonder what happened to Scratch and Grounder, too.
  • In Blast to the Past Sonic botches the time travel by getting distracted over food, landing him and Sally on the day of Robotnik's coup instead of the week before like Sally planned. In a way, the war and everything that's happened is Sonic's fault.
  • In one episode, Robotnik exits the scene early on and leaves Snively to take care of things, under threat of vicious beating and possible murder if he doesn't do a good job. While that's unfortunate enough, Robotnik's reason for leaving is that there is a 'little freedom fighter uprising on the northern frontier' that he's off to, in his words, eradicate. He returns less than a week later.

Fridge Brilliance:

  • The chemical in the metal-eating balloons that appear in "The Doomsday Project" might have been harvested from the plants that appear in "Sonic Past Cool".