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Fridge: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Fridge Brilliance
  • Why was Snow White so unsurprised about being woken from the dead and being led off by the prince? Because the last thing she had done was to take a bite out of what she thought was a "wishing apple", and her wish was that they be reunited.
  • Take a look at the Queen's throne. It's shaped like a peacock, a symbol of vanity.
  • You know, when Snow White thought a bunch of children lived in the house, she wasn't too far off.
  • This is probably unintentional, but... the Queen in disguise is Satan/The Snake, and Snow White is Eve. Think about it.
  • Grumpy is very superstitious and paranoid, claiming he knows theres trouble a-brewin' because his corns hurt and accusing a simmering pot over a fire of being witch's brew. Its portrayed as just being a comical quirk in his character that makes him slowest to trust Snow White and thus giving him the potential for Character Development. Fridge Brilliance kicks in when you realize that his ramblings and worries are completely justified as they live in a world with witches and magic mirrors and all sorts of other wacky shit.
  • When Snow White at first thinks that the house is occupied by messy children and realizes that they might have no mother, her face becomes surprisingly sad. No wonder: the poor girl had already lost her biological mother and her stepmother wanted to kill her!
  • Outside of being a romantic ballad, the song "Someday My Prince Will Come" takes on a whole new meaning when you consider that Snow White was in hiding at the time she sang it; her Prince showing up to take her away would mean a quick and safe escort out of the Queen's jurisdiction.
  • Why do the dwarfs so quickly allow Snow White to boss them around? She may be a teenage girl that they've just taken in, but she's still their princess.
  • Why does Snow White offer to keep house for the Dwarves in exchange for letting her stay? Because her whole life she's been put to work cleaning. She has no valuables on her and so she's bargaining with the only thing she can. She's that desperate to hide from the Queen, she's offering herself as a servant to someone else.
  • For the Brothers Grimm version, the mirror isn't magic. The Queen knows this, and asks the mirror to stroke her ego. She becomes so jealous of Snow White that she goes insane and hallucinates her image in the mirror.
  • The scene with the trees might seem out of place but if you watch it. you'll notice that all the faces only appear as she gets more and more frightened. Given that she's 14 and just found out her stepmother wants her dead by the man who was originally suppose to kill her it's perfectly understandable that her imagination got the best of her and made her situation worse.

Fridge Horror
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: After the queen transforms, she goes to a secret underground boat, passing a forgotten cell where a skeleton lies with arm outstretched to an empty water pitcher. The queen mockingly asks the skeleton, "Thirsty?" and kicks the pitcher so that it scatters the bones. Was this her previous rival for "fairest one of all"? Or was it the poor Huntsman?
    • Actually, in an abandoned plot line, it was mentioned the Queen often forced men to marry her so she could get their kingdoms. The skeleton is implied to be a man who refused her. And yes, in a deleted scene she tries to force Snow White's prince to marry her too.
    • You lot may think the skeleton was either the huntsman or a lover; however it could be dethroned king (ie, her own husband) that she betrayed and imprisoned. I have no idea why I thought this.
    • Whoever was in there, it's a good source of Nightmare Fuel, considering that the water pitcher was right in front of him, centimeters away, out of reach.
  • Also, as a little kid, you don't comprehend what the vultures are thinking or doing when the Queen falls of the cliff. Now watch the movie again as a teenager or an adult.
  • Two words: underage necrophilia.
    • Then again, the Prince doesn't look too much older than her, and, as they've already met and seem pretty enamoured with one another, it wouldn't be unreasonable for him to want to say goodbye.
    • If you look at the onscreen narration, it was said that "the Prince searched far and wide" and "have heard of the sleeping princess"— excuse me, I don't fully remember what they all said but anyway, that means word has spread that Snow White was "asleep" and he knew this. And prior to that, the seasons change in the backgrounds, and when Snow White was seen in the coffin she was still intact and barely discolored since probably blood still flowed through her veins and when she woke up after the "true love's kiss", she stretched as if she just took a long nap. Unless, that doesn't make that any better, at least you now know that the Prince did not kiss a cold, lifeless, corpse.
  • The Dwarfs were literally seconds away from murdering Snow White before they actually saw her.

Fridge Logic
  • What on earth would those Dwarfs need with all of those diamonds?! They live way up in the mountains, far, far away from where they could make any use of the stuff!
    • Incidentally, one Wartime Cartoon (obviously not canon) had them use the diamonds to buy Canadian War Bonds. No, really.
    • Perhaps they just liked to use mining as a pasttime. That would explain why the lock the gems in a shed and leave the key right next to the door.
    • They're waiting for an elven caravan...
      • This is a diamond table. All craftsdwarfship is of the finest quality. It is decorated with hanging rings of diamond and menaces with spikes of diamond. On the table is an image of a witch in diamond. The witch is in a fetal position. The artwork relates to the striking by lightning, falling off a cliff and being crushed under a boulder of the witch in Lampthrown in 1273. On the table is an image of clouds in human bone.
    • They say in the song, "But we don't know what we dig them for." They toil endlessly with no purpose in their lives, never stopping to question their fates.
      • The line "But we don't know what we dig them for", along with "It ain't no trick to get rich quick" hints at the typical dwarven greed and industriousness: they work for the sake of working underground and for reveling in their hoard of treasure.
    • Consider the year that this film was made, which was 1937. The Great Depression was still going on then, and though the U.S.A. was recovering, a recession occurred in that year. At that time, people actually wanted to work (Values Dissonance), but were unable to, due to the unavailability of jobs (Does This Remind You of Anything?). In fact, jobs had to be created, which arguably didn't have much purpose other than to give those workers something to do. Real Life Writes the Plot in this case, where the Dwarfs work in mining to give them something to do, even though they know that it doesn't serve much of a purpose beyond that!
    • While we're at it, that mine looks like it's absolutely full to bursting with diamonds, which are jutting right out of the walls. Yet we see the Dwarfs picking at what appears to be empty rock. Wouldn't they collect all the obvious ones before digging for more? Unless the above theory that they don't really need the diamonds and are just killing time is true. Or they are waiting for Minecraft to be invented.
  • The Queen's plan to kill Snow White was doomed to fail either way, even without the intervention of the dwarves. First of all, the Sleeping Death isn't a real death; Snowy's still alive. So, even if the Queen's plan succeeded and the Dwarves buried Snow White alive, she'd STILL be the fairest in the land...just, in a box underground. Suffocation? Seemingly not an issue, since she "sleeps" in that glass coffin in the woods for months and turns out just fine.
    • Bit of Fridge Brilliance there. The Queen asks the mirror "Who is the fairest in the land?" Since she expected Snow White to have a normal burial, she'd be under the land, not in it.
      • Or would Snow White be in the land, while the queen was just on it?
      • Even if SW could've stayed alive underground, if she had an average burial, she would've had insects and other critters eating away at her until she was nothing but bones. Not too pretty.
  • Why did the Queen bother to put Snow White in suspended animation when she could have actually killed her?
    • Death might be too nice for someone that's pissed her off that much. Buried Alive was just the handiest Fate Worse Than Death that she could think of.
    • Maybe she had hemophobia, so she tried to kill Snow White bloodlessly (or make someone else kill her)
      • Hemophobia? Seriously? She asked her huntsman to bring her Snow White's HEART in box!
      • And she clearly didn't examine it closely enough to realize that it was not a human heart.
      • Pig hearts are rather similar to human hearts anatomically, and who's to say that she knew what a human heart looked like?
    • In the movie, the Queen was suddenly concerned with killing Snow White in a way that no one would suspect her. It's not made clear why she cares about that later and not earlier (she may have always been concerned about being caught, but previously assumed the Huntsman was loyal enough to keep her secret. Afterall, if she wasn't afraid of people knowing, she could've had Snow White killed in her courtyard instead of the deep woods). Anyway, she needed a disguise, and the old hag form was perfect, except that the hag wasn't strong enough to kill Snow White with her bare hands. She had to trick her. Notice, she was so wary of interference that she had to make sure the dwarfs were away first.
      • And yet when the dwarfs confront her, she nearly manages to dislodge a giant boulder right on top of them.
  • Snow White, you DO know that when you are a princess and someone is after you and would do anything to find you, that it's really stupid to give someone your real name/let them know your true identity, RIGHT? I mean, someone tried to KILL you; and not just ANY someone, but someone hired by the QUEEN. Why on EARTH would you tell the Dwarves your name and confirm that you are the PRINCESS? You don't know those dwarves at all; for all you know, they would want to turn you in to the Queen if they knew who you are. The Queen is THE QUEEN. If she put a bounty on your head, she could pay well. She's got the money. You're lucky that the dwarves (with the exception of Grumpy) had no interest in throwing you out, because if Grumpy got his way, you'd be SOL. You'd be out on your own, with the Queen's assassin—and god knows who else—after you, with not one but SEVEN people who know where you are and who would probably be able to point the Queen's men in your direction.
    • Fridge Brilliance - This didn't occur to her because she's a naive, trusting, 14-year-old girl!
  • Someone on YouTube pointed out that Queen Grimhilde was able to create a potion that turned her into an ugly, old hag. This person points out that if the Queen can do this, then surely she could make a potion that would truly make her the fairest one of all! This would fall under the category of Just Eat Gilligan.
  • If the Queen wants to be the most beautiful in the 'land', why does she turn herself into an old hag? Did she plan on... turning back?
    • Well, duh.
  • If the Queen had a potion that would turn the drinker ugly, why didn't she just trick Snow White into drinking it?
    • The Mirror did say "rags cannot hide her gentle face". The Queen knew she couldn't hide Snow White's beauty because hers was both inside and outside. And the hag potion was a disguise and not a permanent transformation. Plus she might not have known about the spell until she read the book.
  • After her first plan failed, why didn't the Queen just ask her all-seeing, all-knowing Magic Mirror how to become fairest in the land again? Surely the Mirror would have been able to come up with a better plan?
    • She was furious. That the Huntsman had lied to her, that she had thought she had won and now she hasn't. She made a rash decision to take matters into her own hands. Maybe she wanted to punish Snow White herself for somehow "escaping".

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