Fridge / Skyline

  • I got the fact that the aliens lured you out with the blue light, but what was the deal with the skin turning blue? It just seemd sort of stupid Aha - as you are walk into the light the aliens are already working on reprogramming your brain and nervous system - at the very least preparing it to be safely ripped from your carcass.
  • What were the aliens doing? Switching out their "batteries". By Batteries we mean brains.
    • That makes no sense. Brains would be a pitiful energy source, especially with no body to provide oxygen. Besides which, this is a _spacefaring_ species we're talking about. They _must_ have a better energy source than brains.
    • Not batteries: Wetware CPU. When the brains get damaged the majority of the drones' bodies go limp, with only the few tentacles flailing around for a new one.