Fridge / Silly Symphony

Fridge Horror
  • The 1933 Silly Symphony Father Noah's Ark is pretty innocent with all the characters singing and smiling, until you remember they're building an ark so that every other human being will die... and this is something to be happy about?
  • The Silly Symphony The Golden Touch is filled to the brim with this. It's not just the element of starving to death because all your food turns to gold whenever you try to eat. It's not just the specter of accidentally touching yourself (of course, that was also present in the original). In this case, King Midas asks the elf who gave the magic touch to take all his possessions in exchange for a hamburger. Sure enough, he loses his gold, his castle, even his robes and crown and gets a hamburger... but he never asked for the touch to be removed.
    • Jossed, he touched the burger and it didn't turn to gold. Therefore, he lost his powers.