Fridge / Sket Dance

Tropes in Sket Dance that are only noticed sometime after the fact.

Examples of Fridge Horror:

  • In one chapter, Bossun becomes obsessed with one of Switch's favorite anime, which the latter perceives as muscling in on his territory. Switch, to sarcastically indicate his displeasure, hands Bossun a stack of books about shut-ins. Wait, why would Switch have a ton of books about recovering from social withdrawal- oh my goodness.
    • Take 'Switch Off' into account and that would, sadly, make a lot of sense. It's even implied in how he at first goes to school as 'Switch' only to decide to just go back home at one point while claiming in narration that at some point he just stopped speaking.
  • In the 'Biscuit Dance' sketch, Switch's appearance is still that of his dead younger brother, as well as still speaking through a miniature laptop. Did that mean that his brother died in a much younger age in that continuity?
    • Bossun and Himeko as well. At first, it seems happier that Bossun is always together with his brother, but as a result Sasuke is a lot more reserved. So there's merit in having their parents died and grows separatedly, though it's more of Fridge Logic.
    • Himeko seems living normally as a child, but remember they are still children. There's still a chance she would grow up into Onihime... and who knows if Bossun or others would still be around her by that time.
      • Sliding into Fridge Logic, why is Himeko's hair already dyed?

Examples of Fridge Brilliance:

  • Until the chapter of Bossun's backstory, "Happy Birthday" and "Happy Rebirthday"... you start to realize as the time you are reading or watching the anime (helped with the flashbacks when Bossun starts remembering about what Agata mentioned to him about him and Tsubaki and little minor details as like how Shinohara draw him in a serious appearance (not only imitating Tsubaki) or their "stupid" faces, that both of them are INDEED twins. It's not like everyone lampshade it to them, but it was intended to be since the very beginning to the readers themselves.
    • It also help that both have golden eyes in the manga, but Bossun's eyes were changed to brown.
  • Switch is ambidextrous. As it is indeed a thing that people have or develop in their lives, with Switch is very justifiable since he is talking (almost all the time) through his computer, so it is his excuse of doing something else when one of his hands is free and the other is in the keyboard, because he can't talk as a "normal" person, when the person in question is doing other stuff freely with their hands.
  • Also Fridge Heartwarming: Near the end of "Switch On," the arc documenting how Switch first met Bossun and Himeko, the ending monologue reveals that even though Switch did start going to school again, he barely showed any emotion and didn't smile. However, Bossun and Himeko thought this was fine, and they were willing to wait patiently for the day Switch would decide to smile again. Near the end of the manga, when Switch finally starts speaking again, what does he do immediately afterwards? He smiles. It's at this point that the trio form a group hug and start crying in happiness.