Fridge / Scooby-Doo

Fridge Brilliance
  • In Scooby-Doo, while the Hex Girls perform some spectacular music for something aimed at kids, their lyrics usually seemed to be set on either Stylistic Suck or So Bad, It's Good. The reason is given in Mystery Incorporated (albeit for an Alternate Continuity): Their manager, a former rock star whose career fell as the band's careers rose, did it intentionally to sabotage them. - Metal Shadow X
  • What sense does it make for monsters to actually exist in the Scooby-Doo universe, when the whole point is that monsters are always people in costumes? Because that's precisely what makes dressing up as a monster such an effective disguise.
  • I thought that Scooby-Doo meeting Batman in one of his movies was a strange combination until I realized: Batman is exactly the type of person that the gang usual is up against, since he dresses as a monster and uses all sorts of gadgetry specifically with the intent to terrify. He just uses it for good instead of evil. If they'd gotten the chance to unmask him, they'd have been shocked to discover it was the least likely suspect of all... Old Man Wayne!
  • Something I thought about when reading the Evil Counterpart trope page and noticed the Mystery Incorporated entry. After reading that, I thought about what other similarities members of Mystery Incorporated had with their predecessors when I thought of what makes Ricky into Shaggy's Evil Counterpart more subtly. More obviously, whereas Shaggy's still best pals with Scooby, Ricky and Pericles ended up pretty much barely on speaking terms, to the point of hating each other's guts for the longest time. The subtle one lies in the fact that Shaggy is pretty much a hippy, or at least looks and acts like one to a point. What's a good evil counterpart for a hippy? How about the CEO of a massive soulless corporation that definitely doesn't care at all about the environment?
  • Shaggy being a Big Eater makes a lot of sense for the versions that are vegetarians. Despite common knowledge, it is actually recommended to people who are vegetarians that they should eat 3-5 times more vegetables/fruits/substitutes than non-vegetarians do in order to keep a healthy body weight since meats (among other relating factors) take a lot longer to digest than green-foods.
  • Coolsville is in Ohio. We see numerous times that Coolsville is next to a body of water, with The Mystery Begins! stating that it is located in the Erie County, meaning that it is probably next to Lake Erie. Erie is pronounced like "eerie".
  • In the first movie, when Mystery Inc. officially disbands, Fred, Velma and Daphne walk off to different cars, meaning that they didn't arrive at the factory as a group. This shows that the break up wasn't a spur of the moment impulse; the gang had already started drifting apart, and the end result of the Luna Ghost caper was just the final nail in the coffin.

Fridge Horror
  • Stop and think for a second of the situation from the heroes' points of view. They're alone and completely defenseless as they are running through the dark being chased by a shrieking psychopath wearing a mask.
    • The episode "A Clue for Scooby-Doo". Underwater in a sunken ship, they find a dead man in a diving suit with his oxygen hose cut, so he presumably suffocated down there completely alone. What's worse, the Villain of the Week was trying to do the same thing with Fred, Velma, and Daphne, and as they still had a link to their oxygen tanks, had they remained trapped, they would have lasted quite a while before dying.
    • It should be noted that the dead man was actually the villain who had faked his death the whole time.
    • Not only that, but the instances where members of the gang are kidnapped and confined in different areas ("Go Away Ghost Ship", "A Gaggle Of Galloping Ghosts" "Which Witch is Which?", etc.). Sure, the bad guys don't do anything to them, but how do we know if they'd have released our heroes at any future point?
    • Episodes like "A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts" or "Hassle in the Castle" where the villain is a criminal wanted in several states. It's never mentioned what they're wanted for, and in any case, a man who's on the run from numerous state authorities might not hesitate to off a few meddling kids who were coming too close to blowing his cover.
    • Cracked gives another disturbing take on the series as a whole, with their list of "Six Classic Kids Shows Secretly Set in Nightmarish Universes" here.
    • In "Bedlam in the Big Top", Daphne is put under a trance by a ghost clown. The next time we see her, she's wearing a tiny costume dress. Erm... Maybe it's a good thing she couldn't remember any of what happened while she was under that trance.
      • Even more so when you remember that the same villain showed a gleeful willingness to feed Shaggy to a lion or watch Scooby plummet to his would-be demise from a high wire. Would he have given a thought to sparing Daphne's modesty, or worse, once he had her in his power?
    • In "To Switch a Witch", a friend of the gang is being persecuted by a group of townsfolk for the belief that she is a witch. They were explicitly going to torture her to make her confess. Fortunately, Shaggy and Scooby take the brunt of it, and come out okay, being Made of Iron. But the young lady who was their original target? These people weren't the "Monster" of the week, and seem to get off scot-free for their willingness to harm an innocent girl. Including elected officials like the town's mayor.
  • Cracked noted once that almost every locale on the show looks like it's a place out of the Great Depression. Even their nice "vacation" spots look like the worst parts of crime-ridden Detroit or Camden, New Jersey. In the first 25 episodes of the original show, they come across: four deserted mansions, two abandoned castles and an empty ski resort, amusement park, ghost town, mine, Hawaiian village, airfield, and mill. And of the 27 villains the gang meets, twenty three of them are motivated by monetary gain via theft, smuggling or land speculation. They don't run into domestic disputes or drug-related crimes. They deal exclusively with people who are so desperate for money that they voluntarily squat in the basements of abandoned houses for the off-chance of landing a paycheck. And if the villains don't need money, they need work. The remaining four motives that aren't monetary are: winning a dog show, getting an acting gig, revenge for getting fired and a hatred of robots.
Fridge Logic
  • Why haven't they caught on that it's always Old Man Jenkins in a Rubber Suit?
    • The movies did address that, just in time for that not to be the case.
    • This is discussed in the video game Mystery Mayhem (2004). Shaggy and Scooby (once again) refuse to participate in capturing a villain. When Fred asks why they would still be frightened if they knew that whatever monster it would be was just a bad guy in a mask, Shaggy retorts that it's just that: Someone who willingly dresses up in a costume to scare people is not a person you want to be around.
    • In Zombie Island, there is a whole montage and song about how the ghosts always turn out to be fake. Again, the real villains turn out to not be the case.
    • Another example in Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins: We finally figure out that Scooby Snacks are made with water, flour, eggs, cocoa and dog kibble "for texture". Chocolate is poisonous to dogs. Why is Scooby not dead?
  • Further lampshaded in the pilot for Mystery Inc., when Velma is giving a tour of her parents' museum, when she drops the bomb on her excited charges that not one of the original series' mysteries was an actual supernatural shenanigan; her parents come along to shut her up real quick after that. All of the gang's parents share the sentiment-the mysteries of the original series have been retconned to have all happened in the gang's hometown of Crystal Cove, and the supposedly supernatural activity ensures a brisk tourist trade; they don't want their kids to keep solving mysteries because they enjoy being employed.
  • Zigzagged in "Haunted House Hang-Up": To determine which side of a fork in the road the gang should take, Shaggy chooses to flip a slice of bologna:
    Shaggy: Heads we take the left side and I eat it, tails we take the right side and I eat it.
    Velma: How can you have heads or tails on a slice of bologna?
    Shaggy: Heads is the mustard side...tails is plain.
  • In a scene from "Kooky Space Kook", Shaggy and Scooby lock themselves in a cabin at the airfield, and Scooby tosses the key out the window. The space freak manages to get in by opening the door from the other side. Our heroes run to escape through the locked door but can't get out because Scooby threw the key out. They jump out of the window, grab the key, jump back into the cabin, then unlock the door and escape.
  • "Mine Your Own Business" has a more perplexing bit. Having found the combination to the hotel safe, Fred offers to read it as Shaggy manipulates the dial. Shaggy proceeds to turn the dial and Fred isn't saying anything except at the end:
    Fred: I have the combination...just turn the handle to the left.
    Shaggy: Well, why didn't you say so?
  • A few times, Shaggy and Scooby will see the ghost and sound the alarm, only to be dismissed. How many times have they sounded false alarms to be brushed off like that?
  • Scooby's family tree is easily pieced together via fridge logic
    • In New Scooby and Scrappy Scooby's parents are revealed as Mumsie and Dada Doo. Doo is his family name.
    • In A Pup, Scooby's birth litter is revealed him to have two brothers (Howdy and Skippy) and a sister (Ruby, who had appeared previously because she is Scrappy's mother)
    • In Scrappy and Yabba Doo, Scrappy calls Yabba his Uncle to, so Yabba Doo must be Scooby and Ruby's younger brother born after their litter
    • In an episode of A Pup, we see Doo Manor, which Dada Doo says is to be Scooby's upon his coming of age, We also meet Dada Doo's brother Uncle Horton Doo.
    • A Scooby comic full extends this with Doo Manor being the home of Spooky Doo, who left it to Scooby because he knew his nephew was a scaredy cat. However it is also mentioned Spooky has no kids of his own. This puts Scooby's three cousins with Doo in their name to be Uncle Horton's kids. Dixie, Dooby and Whoopsy. (Unless there's another sibling)
    • An earlier comic added Scooby's paternal Great-grandfather, Dandy Doo, all of these Doo's are descendants of Yankee Doodle Doo, who as shown in an episode of New Scooby and Scrappy came over on the Mayflower.
    • While not definite, in Shaggy's Showdown it is mentioned Dapper Jack Rogers (another Shaggy ancestor) had a dog named Atlas, who the gang imagine probably was a Scooby ancestor. Shaggy even imagines him with a mustache.
    • On the flip side, the "Scooby" part is from his maternal side. As in The Scooby Doo Show, we meet Scooby Dum and Scooby Dee. All of which are cousins. So Mumsie Doo must have two siblings, and it must be custom to name one kid "Scooby" or "Scoobert"
    • This is further believed in Scooby and Scrappy, where we meet Grandad Scooby, who lives at Scooby Manor (not Doo Manor) which was haunted by Great-Grandpa Scooby. Allowing each generation of Mumsie's family to have at least one "Scooby"
  • Shaggy's show only family can be too.
    • We first meet Shaggy's immediate family in New Scooby and Scrappy, with Mr. Rogers and Mrs. Rogers and his sister Maggie. In A Pup we see them again and learn that Maggie's nickname was Shuggy. She marries a man named Wilfred in that episode.
    • Rogers being the family name, allows us to assume Gaggy Rogers is Mr. Roger's brother. And they must be descended from McBaggy Rogers who came over on the Mayflower.
    • In New Scooby-Doo Movies, we meet Shaggy's Great Uncle Nathaniel. Who was a sibling to one of Shaggy's grandparents. He lives in New England and lives in a home of ansestral items. This heavily implies he too is a McBaggy descendent.
    • In a more recent addition from Shaggy's Showdown. Shaggy meets his third cousin once removed Tawny Rogers. Given both characters look the same age it is hard to tell who is removed from who, but they both share an earlier ancestor in Dapper Jack Rogers. it's unknown how many generations there were between Mc Baggy and Dapper Jack, but Tawny's existence would probably imply there are a few more between Dapper Jack and Uncle Nat.
    • This is where things get more complicated, as Shaggy's other Uncles must be his mother's siblings. This gives us Uncle Shagworthy, Uncle Fearless Shagaford and Betty-Lou Shaggbilly's parent. The problem here lies in what is Shaggy's mother's maiden name. There is nothing to indicate whether Shagworthy is a first or last name. Or if Fearless is a nickname and Shagaford is first name or if his first and last name is actually Fearless Shagaford. Betty Lou's father might be Shaggy's relative making them all Shaggbilly, or maybe Betty Lou's mother was Mrs. Rogers sister and married into the Shagabilly family. But it must be one of the three. The "shag" part is a maternal family trait.
    • This ties further as we see Shaggy has ancestral routes in Europe, with Shaggy the first. Who is also the cause of Shaggy being destined to become a werewolf. Uncle Shagworthy also imported a family castle over from Europe, so he's clearly also a descendant of Shaggy the first.
    • In Boo Brothers we have Uncle Beauregard. Given he was in the civil war he is more than likely a Great-Uncle or Great-Great-Uncle to Shaggy on his mother's side. Which means more than likely while his father's side settled in New England, the descendants of Shaggy the first settled in the south as witnessed by him and Betty Lou. Shagworthy would move a family castle to New England as well, but at that point he may also have wanted to move closer to his sister, Shaggy's mother.
      • Adding to this, there's a Colonel Beauregard from '"The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries'' who might be related.
    • If we also take DC comics into this Shaggy's tree gets filled in a little more. He has a great-uncle Henry Rogers (probably Nat's brother), another Uncle Salty, and a cousin Stetson Rogers that would either be Gaggy or Salty's son.
    • On the mother side, he has three more Uncles Zooty, Shug and Shoogy (if they are southerners this makes plenty of sense and explains where Maggie's Shuggie nickname may also be passed on) and Shaggy has a cousin Jamison Willikers who had a family of his own with a great grandfather in a picture. However one would assume Shaggy's mother had another sibling who married into the Willikers then that being Shaggy's relation.
    • Other comic series add a few more but it is specifically the DC comics that easily played into this kind of fridge logic.
  • Shaggy and Scooby are always hungry because they're the ones running scared of all kind of dangers the gang meet every time. Therefore, that amount of daily workout exercise requires a corresponding food consumption.