Fridge / RuneScape

  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • Your character seems rather useless. Look at the Wise Old Man or other really powerful characters. They're hitting outlandish numbers, and doing things no player could reasonably do. The only reason you survive anything is because you have an assortment of potions and super fast healing food, as well as powerful artifacts. Almost any player worth his/her salt has at least 3 different eras of items with varying Technology Levels, and several god artifacts. You are trained in a whole bunch of outlandish skills, but you're not over the top powerful. Instead, you're the Runescape equivalent of MacGyver.

      Which also makes sense: all those people ask you for help not just because you're passing by and you look like you can handle the job, or because they've got friends who recommended you to them, but because unlike most of the heroes of Rune Scape, who may be only specialising in combat or technology, you're the MacGyver of Rune Scape- someone who has the skills, has the combat expertise, has the adventuring experience, won't back away from a hard task and knows how to think outside the box.
    • In the mythology of the game, the "main" gods seem to be built around dualities. Saradomin, the "god of order", is at odds with Zamorak, the "god of chaos". Similarly, their more obscure counterparts are Armadyl, the "god of justice" and general goodness, as well as Bandos, the "god of war" and bloodshed. Even the desert gods have deities of creation and destruction.

      Guthix is the "god of balance", and does not seem to have an opposite at first glance. However, the antithesis of balance is concentration, so who built a world-spanning empire by gathering all power and control unto himself? Zaros.
    • Why doesn't Blood, Astral, Death, Body, Mind and Soul Runes have a proper representative in the memories? Because they are fundamental natures, Body and Mind being the corporeal forms, Blood, Astral Soul and Death being the cycle of life, they simply exist as mediums.
    • Overlaps with Fridge Horror, but during the Plague's End quest, the Dark Lord will say that King Lathas is dead, even if you chose to spare him. Keyword here: you. The public now knows that the entire plague was a hoax, that he let children be killed by elves, he destroyed the prosperity of West Ardougne, and (at least, from the human point of view), he was working for Zamorak (the people of Kandarin are staunch Saradomists). Lathas was probably killed by a revolutionary before you were finished teleporting to Lletya.
    • The long-since removed Romeo & Juliet quest ended with Romeo ditching Juliet to woo her cousin, leaving the player to wake Juliet from her fake death. In the original play by Shakespeare, Romeo was introduced as an impulsive womanizer who had ditched his previous true love for Juliet on first sight. The twist ending thus makes complete sense for his character.
    • If you talk to Xenia about defeating Delrith, she'll mention thinking another of her proteges had done it, and specifically names Sir Owen as one. Being trained by Xenia would explain a lot about Sir Owen's vicious and paranoid tendencies...
    • In the Goblin quests, Grubfoot's interpretation of Big High Warrior God is a powerful warrior who regrets his past and now wishes to retire and leave mortals to live in peace with nature and each other. Bandos, it ain't, but it's a damn good description of Guthix, especially for someone who's never met the guy (even moreso compared to Juna, who has).
    • Why does the music for anything involving Zaros sample "Zaros Stirs"? Zaros's powers include Mind Control. Even the music obeys him!
    • In "Deadliest Catch", Linza briefly mentions having been lured and killed in the Wilderness once. Since she was introduced after universal easy revival was retconned out of Runescape, one can only assume she has the same Fate-mandated exception to death that you do. Sliske still manages to turn her into a Barrows wight in "Kindred Spirits", meaning that he could have done the same to you in "Ritual of the Mahjarrat", which retroactively justifies Akrisae's Heroic Sacrifice intercepting the curse. This is almost certainly completely unintentional, given that the devs admittedly forgot about Akrisae.

  • Fridge Horror:

  • Guthix mentions that he doesn't want to be worshiped, but his followers should use the environment and not to abuse it, hinting that he acquires his power from the state of the world, whereas other gods gain power depending on followers and the number of artifacts they might have. (Stone of Jas, Staff of Armadyl, ect)

    If gods do gain power from their followers, then the main character may have inadvertently introduced Saradomin into existence by mentioning him by name to the first humans in Runescape. In the present, there has been proof that Saradomin did exist, with things such as churches, ancient orders and even an entire if gods do exist depending on their followers, wouldn't that mean there are possibly hundreds of gods in limbo?
    • Jossed as it was revealed that Guthix acquired his power through an artifact after slaying another god. Additionally, Saradomin existed long before the first humans came to Runescape in the First Age, as the sole god of their homeworld, Teragard.
      • Gods are implied to gain power from their followers, though it's stated somewhere that gods have "found" Gielenor, implying they existed elsewhere before. At least one has left of his own free will; Armadyl, out of grief at the loss of the Aviansie.
      • After the Elder Kiln quest, you can talk to the Tok Haar. They speak of how their masters ordered them to create the mountains of the world. When asked if their masters are gods, the Tok Haar reply that the beings that we, the player, know of as gods are simply mortals who have used their masters' artifacts, such as the Stone of Jas, to ascend to a higher state of existence. Zamorak, for example, has a definite backstory in which he was a Mahjarrat. By contrast, beings such as Jas are the true creators of the world, but it would appear they have little interest in influencing it now.
    • Whatever happened to the drunk parrot in Eadgar's Ruse? The one Eadgar had you put into a fake man to fool the troll cook? Hopefully it flew away as the dummy disintegrated ...
  • As of The World Wakes, the Edicts are gone and the gods are free to return. Who is to say that Bandos may have punishing Zanik and the Cave Goblin race above his desire for war?
    • Bandos was killed before this happened. In The Mighty Fall, the other Bandosians tried to attack the Cave Goblins until they were sidetracked by a tournament to decide who would lead them. In the end, no matter the outcome, the Cave Goblin survived.
  • Despite theological differences, different characters have worked together and even have been friends with each other. Consider these, for example.
    • Sir Owen (hardcore Saradomist) and Ariane (supports Guthix, but is revealed to have the mind of either an atheist or Armadyl follower)
    • The Temple Knights and Void Knights were working together during the Pest trilogy from the start
    • The process of killing Vampyre Juvinates involves using the power of Saradomin to hold them, and then using a Guthix potion to finish them. Also, the Myreque is Saradomist, but some of the troops you escort from Misthalin are Guthixian.
    • During Ritual of the Mahjarrat, Sir Tiffy (Saradomist) addresses Thaerisk (Guthix) as a friend, and we just saw Saradomists, Armadyl followers, and Zarosians work together.
    • Now, thinking about all of the above, imagine what will happen to it now that the God Wars are possibly going to be starting up again.
  • The final reveal in "Broken Home" is that the namesake mansion was built over the remains of a mental hospital for cannibalistic demons, which was abandoned when Senntisten was destroyed. Now, which is more likely, that the hospital was abandoned with only one patient inside... or that Senecianus ate the others? Or, even worse, that there may be other surviving patients who are no longer contained by the ruins or the mansion?