Fridge / Rosemary's Baby

Fridge Brilliance
  • In the novel, Rosemary finds that during her pregnancy, putting even a tiny bit of salt on her food makes her so nauseated that she can't eat it. Salt is known as a symbol of good and protection against demons and other evil supernatural forces in many of the world's religious traditions, including Christianity.
    • This may also be why eating the chicken heart makes her sick when other raw meat does not. Chickens are traditionally regarded as symbols of goodness and the Resurrection, and their presence repels demons.
  • The miniseries debuts on May 11, Mother's Day.
  • The Antichrist is born on June 25 - exactly the opposite of Christmas - in 1966. His birth is honored as "The Year One," much like the year of Jesus' birth. Jesus' ministry is believed to have ended when he was 33. The Antichrist's 33rd year will be the year 2000 - which many people thought would be the end of the world, or the dawn of a new world order.
  • The rent, as discussed in "Friends" Rent Control on the main page. It seems unlikely that an unemployed actor and his housewife bride would be able to afford such a swank apartment, even taking in the considerable discount they must have gotten due to the former tenant's long occupation (rent control does not allow the management to raise rent significantly for current tenants nor jack the price to match the current market once a long-time tenant vacates). However, it's later revealed that the former tenant was part of the cult, and that in particular she was close friends with the cult's leaders, Roman and Minnie, who were her next-door neighbors. Roman's family has a long association with the Bramford and, although it's never explicitly stated, it's possible that Roman may own or co-own the building, enabling him to cut deals on rent for his fellow cultists. Mrs. Gardenia's rent might have been shockingly low for years, allowing Rosemary and Guy to become the unwitting beneficiaries (sorta) of the bargain. Also, the book makes clear that Rosemary and Guy are actually quite rich, thanks to a number of commercials he's done. He gets considerable residuals every time they're shown.
  • A novel with a major character named Roman Castevet goes on to have a film adaptation directed by Roman Polanski and co-starring John Cassavetes. Polanski even mentioned this to Ira Levin and proposed that the name might've been an unconscious Shout-Out, but Levin denied it.
Fridge Logic
  • Rosemary had a lot of friends at her party. Why didn't any of them visit her during her pregnancy at all or even call?