Fridge / RoboCop (2014)

Fridge Brilliance
  • The ED-209 offscreen killing of a kid just because he has a knife despite the fact that it wouldn't do anything is subtle evidence to support the logic behind the Dreyfuss act, that being a robot doesn't possess the morality and empathy necessary to effectively judge people as a human does. That, and it shows that while the ED-209 isn't the complete joke it was in the original Robocop movies (the original was so pathetic it couldn't go down a flight of stairs without falling), neither is it completely effective either.
    • Alternately: the ED-209 wasn't viewing the kid as a threat to itself, it did see it as a threat to nearby civilians. A steel knife may not be able to leave a dent on a robot, but it can easily go through human flesh.
      • There were also high-priority civilians nearby marked by red tags. That might have overridden some of the possible restrictions.
  • The reason they keep Murphy's right hand. It seems pointless to save such a small scrap of Murphy compared to the rest of his new body. But consider his weapons. The gun he keeps for his right hand is a high tech stun pistol. It has functions of incapacitating to killing its target. It has control over if someone lives or dies, and it's in Murphy's human hand. Omnicorp knows how to subtly market things.