Fridge / Reign of Fire

Fridge Logic

  • Quinn was 12 when this all started. Having grown up in a world with a dwindling number of aircraft you can imagine he hasn't flown much - but he seems perfectly calm and composed riding wing on a helicopter.

Fridge Brilliance:

  • Having only one male in a species is kinda stupid - it's an obvious vulnerability. Except that's a perfect representation of how evolution actually works. Evolution doesn't plan for future threats - it just sticks with what's working until it doesn't. One male worked brilliantly for those millions of years when there was nothing around that could seriously threaten it. But as often happens, the world changed and the evolutionary strategy that had served well under different circumstances failed, resulting in extinction.
    • they could of done a Sequel Hook with it too, maybe unfertilized eggs could of been what causes male dragons, hence the Alpha dragon made sure to fertilize all eggs and the smaller dragons we see him eat? his sons, btw the male unfertilized thing is an actual thing its called Haplodiploidy.
    • We also don't know that the species as a whole has always had one male. The dragons we meet are the survivors of the original famine that ensured after they wiped out the dinosaurs. It could be this is the only colony that made it to the modern era.