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Fridge: Red Eye
Fridge Brilliance
  • Why did Lisa stab Rippner in the neck? Because, as Rippner said, his shooter is a good "dog" and only responds to "his master's voice."

Fridge Horror
  • "Thanks for the quickie." It first comes off as a sick joke, probably to tease Lisa and put her in her place, but it takes on a whole new meaning when the film reveals Lisa was raped in the past, and Rippner (who had already figured out what happened in Lisa's past) was intentionally triggering her.
  • In the movie Red Eye, Jackson Rippner, while flirting with Lisa, acknowledges the violent implications of his rather unfortunate name with a quip that he killed his parents for the offense. After a beat, she decides that he was kidding and laughs. Later on, when his true colors are revealed, she accuses him of lying to her, to which he calmly replies that he has never lied to her, not once — leaving the implication that, yes, he did kill his parents just hanging there...
    • Also, Rippner's pursuit of Lisa starts out feeling like sexual tension and becomes Fridge Horror once you realize that Rippner is intentionally triggering her in the hope of violently evoking memories of her past with (implied) sexual assault, intended to make her feel helpless.

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