* Why Ruber's VillainSong looks more like a mediocre poem. The guy is completely and utterly insane, so of course he wouldn't be able to construct a proper song.
* Devon and Cornwall get a tiny example -- ''maybe'' -- following their weird duet about wanting to be separate. Garret reluctantly allows them to come along on the condition that there be "No singing!" Devon inquires how Garret feels "about interpretive dance." ''The man is blind.'' The question mark for the FridgeBrilliance lies in whether or not Devon was aware of Garret's disability at the time.
* Wonder why everything is alive in the Forbidden Forest? Myth/CelticMythology is famously animistic.

* Were the bad guys planning on ''eating'' Bladebeak's wife when the whole thing was done? Dear ''God'' no wonder he went good!
* Perhaps Ruber would have had second thoughts about his EvilPlan [[ADateWithRosiePalms later that night.]]
** "[[Film/SnakesOnAPlane You'd be surprised at what a man can do with one hand.]]"