Fridge / Primal Carnage

Fridge Logic

  • The dinosaurs are working as a team to kill the humans. Shouldn't they be attacking and trying to eat each other like what most carnivorous dinosaurs did 65 million years ago?
    • They are genetic enginnered dinosaurs, most likely bred specifically for combat; they probably were altered to act as a team when in the presence of hostile humans. Genetic engineering can do anything in these stories.
    • And there's the not subtle implication that the dinosaurs were made with the intend of being used for military deployment, for example: The bio for the blue oviraptors mentions that the original idea was to make them all black so they could be a night strike team but that was scrapped since they kept on disapearing, the dark red one was stated to be clone from an oviraptor that was way more cooperative than the rest, the "ice" cryolophosaurus was a joke from the scientists but it was green lit by the directives because they tough it was an actual ice resistant dinosaur (which is rare) and the tropical tupandactylus is an "artificial" color made by the scientists so the tupas can blend in with the enviroments when they are deployed in tropical zones, so, i don't doubt the dinos were trained to work together. Furthermore, the corpses of iguanodons in the battle maps pretty much indicate that herbivore dinosaurs were cloned with the intention of being used to feed the carnivores, which is also backed up by the fact the herbivores haven't joined the fray so far, so there wouldn't be a point for the carnivores to kill and/or cripple each other when they can just go for the non-battle driven ones.