Fridge / Potter Puppet Pals

Fridge Brilliance
  • Ron's "Follow the Butterflies" chant made a lot more sense when I got the reference, which was Ron's sarcastic comment from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: "Why spiders? Why can't we follow the butterflies?"
  • In "Moustache Buddies", Voldy decides to get a moustache. This seems out of place, until you remember JK even said that Voldy is basically a "combination of Hitler and Stalins worst qualities" (which is saying something). And didn't both of them have prominent facial hair. Why, yes. Yes they did.
  • Why is Voldemort the only one Harry doesn't ask Hagrid to hit to "get rid of" wizard lice? Because he's the only one who doesn't have hair.
Fridge Horror
  • The "Apparate!" video is pretty much just another hilarious sketch for the PPP crew, but have you ever listened to the full version? It starts off with the same funny lines from the original video, even adding in a great Badass Boast about how Harry is going to murder the crap out of Voldemort... and then you get to the 2:45 mark. If you're a long time Harry Potter fan, expect enough Ascended Fridge Horror in certain lines to give you chills.
How can I just be Harry
when I freaking feel like Typhoid Mary?
I know some charms and incantations, but
I don't know how the hell I haven't died
I have sick thoughts that I'm ashamed to mention, like
I kinda wish I stayed on Privet Drive