* The reason that this is the actor playing Pippin's first time in the role is [[spoiler:everyone else who's ever played it commited suicide at the end]].
** Either they [[spoiler: burn up]], or they [[spoiler: forsake the role (which specifies a young man desperate to be extraordinary) for an ordinary life outside the show]]. Either way, they never play the role again.
* I could be wrong on this, but Catherine is a widow.[[spoiler: Each of her "husbands" was a Pippin that was incinerated in a previous show. She finally stands up to the leading player because she is tired of losing those she loves.]]
* "No Time At All," Berthe's song about living as much as you can during the time you have on Earth, isn't meant to show Pippin the meaning of life. [[spoiler:It's a warning about the finale.]]
** Or it's encouragement to [[DoubleEntendre burn himself out,]] since "Berthe" is just a character performed by one of the players. @@"When you're as old as I, my dear, '''''and I hope you never are...'''''"@@
* The Leading Player responds to Pippin's near-breakdown at the end of "On the Right Track" by laughing and telling him he's, "on the right track". Pippin's breaking down is the right track to [[spoiler:wanting to commit suicide]].
* The Finale completely changes the line from the opening number, "We've got magic to do, just for you," once [[spoiler:the audience has been encouraged to take Pippin's place, and been told that the players are already in their heads]]. Since so much is made of the "magic" being taken away when [[spoiler:Pippin chooses ordinary life over self-destruction]], it implies that right from the beginning, the audience has [[spoiler:been ensnared in the same kind of madness as Pippin, and just by viewing the "show" the viewers prove their potential to become part of it]].
* Most of these could be considered FridgeHorror as well.