* Of course EyeScream is a staple of the murders--[[spoiler:Rumi didn’t want anyone to [[DontLookAtMe see what she’s really like]]. For that matter, Me-Mania's probably well aware that he's not a very pretty sight either]].
* The red dress Rumi as the [[spoiler:Real Mima wore during her confrontation with Mima]]. She said it was new, but maybe it was what Rumi wore back when she was a pop-idol.
* Rumi = R U Me
** Rumi = [[RoomFullOfCrazy ROOM]]-me


* One of the worst parts of the [[spoiler:rape scene]] was seeing Rumi crying while watching it being filmed. The FridgeHorror comes in when you're given time, near the climax of the movie, to remember that scene: you realize that Rumi may [[spoiler:already have been unstable and delusional]] but this and the [[spoiler:racy photo shoot]] were the things that [[spoiler:pushed her permanently over the edge.]]
** Or even worse, if Rumi was already [[spoiler:delusional, she thought she was seeing herself getting raped]]. It gets worse when you consider just how strongly she protested Mima doing it in the first place and how it connects with the conclusion of the ShowWithinAShow.
* Some of the the lyrics from CHAM's song at the beginning of the film could have given Me-Mania... ideas.
--> [[HarsherInHindsight If it means you're loved in the end,]]\\
[[HarsherInHindsight Be much more aggressive, because you will get a chance.]]