Fridge / Parks and Recreation

Fridge Brilliance
  • Why is Pawnee, Indiana the fourth most obese city in the U.S.? Because Sweetums, the corporation which owns half the town, is a candy manufacturer!
  • In the Greg Pikitis episode, Ann dresses as Raggedy Ann, one of her favorite childhood books. No wonder she dated a guy named Andy for so long!
  • Even amongst the Parks Department, Tom is particularly mean to Jerry. Now why would that be?
    • And Ben is shown to be one of the few characters to genuinely and consistently be pretty nice to Jerry. Now why would that be?
  • Ann having a separate B-plot during "Andy and April's Fancy Party" seems odd, but makes sense she wouldn't be at the wedding because Ann used to date the groom (and the bride hates her).
  • Ben is shown repeatedly to be a huge Game of Thrones fan. His original tabletop game, The Cones of Dunshire, is a literal Game of Cones.
  • Why didn't Ann have a "Mark" box the way she did with Andy, Chris and Tom? Simple, Mark had no quirks for her to take on.
  • No wonder Leslie was recalled. She won by only 26 votes and proceeded to enact several very controversial legislations.

Fridge Horror
  • From Season 7: the Google-like tech startup Gryzzl in 2017 engages in data mining, which is already creepy enough and already happens today (with Google and advertising). However, Gryzzl uses this data to determine Gryzzl users' (and non-users who end up on their networks and their devices!) favorite things and/or desired commodities and ships these things to their doorsteps presumably free of charge... via drones that can ring your doorbell. This is all Played for Laughs in the show, but becomes this especially after Ron's son is sent gifts from Gryzzl. Ron's son, who's 4 years old and doesn't even own a Gryzzl device.
  • In the time skip series finale, there seems to be a national beef shortage. It is a wonder how Ron did not die of shock.