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Fridge: Parks and Recreation
Fridge Brilliance
  • Why is Pawnee, Indiana the fourth most obese city in the U.S.? Because Sweetums, the corporation which owns half the town, is a candy manufacturer! -Hello999
    • This is expanded on Leslie's in-universe book, Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America, which portrays Sweetums' history in the town as something akin to a mining corporation in West Virginia. i.e., abusive.
    • "Soda Tax" also shows that the town's fast food businesses are apparently trying to make people fat with things like 128-ounce (i.e. one gallon) sodas and "drinking water" that somehow has 300 calories.
  • It might seem strange at first that everyone in Pawnee (including the media) smack-talk, sabotage, and outright attack Leslie and her efforts to make Pawnee's park system great. Then one realizes that Indiana is well-known as a red state, so it's likely that most of Pawnee's residents hold views similar to Ron's, and would prefer the government do as little as possible.
    • Debatable. Red (conservative, Republican) is not at all the same as libertarian, which as a party is by a wide margin smaller than either Republicans or Democrats in American politics. Leslie is never explicitly described as a Democrat as part of the show's general shying away from taking firm political stances in general.
  • Jerry. The bits and pieces of his backstory slowly but surely explain why he is a mess of a human being. So far, we found out that: the woman who adopted him is an unrepentant stoner, people having been calling him the wrong name for over 30 years, and he has a medically over-sized penis while being obese. Those alone would be enough to turn someone into both a Schlemiel and a Schlimazel.
    • But he's not a "mess of a human being." Jerry is the only one of the main cast who really has his act together. He's been married for decades, has three daughters who love him, and is just a really happy person in general. Nothing ever really fazes him.
    • The huge penis is presumably meant to be a good thing. With that and his superhuman tongue (remember Donna being mesmerized by him endlessly licking envelopes), it's implied that Jerry has an impossibly beautiful wife because he's an extraordinary lover.
    • Much of the unstated joke about Jerry is that he is only treated like a loser because his coworkers insists that he is one. In that way, he is a kind of subversion of the standard loser in workplace sit-coms. He is probably the most stable character in the show, except for his coworkers having decided that he is a klutz, probably due to him being somewhat weak-willed and shy, and treats him according.
      • Ron also notes that Jerry is doing a fine job when nobody is paying too much attention to him.
    • As of Season 5, Episode 9, Jerry having the best home-life among the cast - or possibly everyone ever - is basically canon and accepted by the rest of the characters. It seems that Jerry's fortune just happens to end where the Parks department begins.
      • Word of God is that he puts up with everyone else at the Parks Department precisely because his home life is so perfect.
  • In the Greg Pikitis episode, Ann dresses as Raggedy Ann, one of her favorite childhood books. No wonder she dated a guy named Andy for so long!
  • Why does everyone in Pawnee love Lil' Sebastian so much? Because he was the star of the last Harvest Festival in the 80's, when most of the adults would have been kids, and found a tiny horse adorable.
    • Hence why Ben didn't, being an outsider. As for why Chris, also an outsider, liked Lil' Sebastian, he's Chris Traeger, he likes everything
  • Even amongst the Parks Department, Tom is particularly mean to Jerry. Now why would that be?
  • Ann having a separate B-plot during "Andy and April's Fancy Party" seems odd, but makes sense she wouldn't be at the wedding because, well, April hates her.
    • Plus, Ann used to date the groom.
  • Ben is shown repeatedly to be a huge Game of Thrones fan. His original tabletop game, The Cones of Dunshire, is a literal Game of Cones.

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