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Fridge: Paperinik New Adventures
  • In the first 23rd century story Grrodon, the last Evronian, tells us Paperinik will go on and destroy the Evronian Empire, with him surviving only because he was on Earth preparing for Evron's triumphal return when it happened, but the series ended before we saw how. Then, two issues after Grrodon infiltrated the US Army for some Evronians that survived Xadhoom's final rampage, and one after he was arrested by the military police for espionage, we see Paperinik vowing he'll get Xadhoom out of the artifact she copied her mind into, and we still don't know what happened to the Evronian invasion fleet hidden in the asteroid belt. Want to bet Xadhoom is involved?
  • This is a long shot, but Uno and Due's behaviours seems awfully similar to Rampancy;
    • Melancholy: when he first met PK, Uno admitted to suffer loneliness. Meanwhile, Due's entire motivation is that he was never allowed to work and express its potential (he was the backup unit, but Uno never malfunctioned);
    • Anger: Due, obviously. Becomes more and more deranged during the series. (His second appearance doesn't count - he explicitly stated that it was missing some pieces of data; therefore, it behaved more like a machine and less like a psycho).
    • Envy: in the future, after PK is gone, Uno tries repeatedly to build a "perfect body" for himself... and constantly fails. Even the one builded by Everett refused to activate.
    • Metastability: none of them apparently reached it. Uno absorbed the remains of Due's code after almost killing it. This resulted in the possibility of doing evil (manifested as Odin's slightly Jerk Ass side) and, therefore, free will.
  • Took me a while to realize that the first series' final issue, a What If? episode, regards the first three regular issues.
  • Why is Raghor the only one of the mutated supersoldiers able to talk coherently? Because he is an officer and therefore smarter that the average soldier, so when his genes were fused with those of the Beast of Rhagor he avoided to become stupider.
  • Duckburg's people seem awfully willing to believe Angus when he accuses Paperinik of pretty much anything. Seems strange, right? Well, as most Italian fans will remember, Paperinik started out as a criminal, one so feared that him merely showing up after a leave of absence was enough to cause city-wide panic (third story, "Paperinik Strikes Again"), and when some supposed scientists declared him a robot everyone, even people who should have known better, believed them until he terrified into submission half of the city population with a gun made of chocolate (fourth story, "Paperinik's Double Triumph"), and even after reforming he was known to be rather sadistic and capable of literally steal away half of the city to track down a mob boss (he gave back the loot once he didn't need to fake a Face-Heel Turn). Nothing too easy to believe he simply changed his mind again.
  • Being one of the early stories, PKNA #5 was written before most of the following events were planned; this led, over time, for the future it showed to have some contradictions, and the reveal that one-shot character McCoy was Grrodon in disguise almost 40 issues later only patched things up partially. Comes Might and Power, which sees PK back in action against a resurgent Evronian menace, and the events in it now have PKNA #5 as their most logical future.
  • In Might and Power we are told that the Evronian conquest of Earth after reorganizing from within our own planet began at the end of 2014, while the story was published in July 2014. Even taking Comic Book Time in perspective, it means that the seemingly too easy defeat of the Evronians at the end of the storyline is plausible: not only they are taken by surprise, and attacked with a new technology they didn't expect, but while at an advanced stage they are simply still not ready - Nebula Faraday even laments they are behind schedule.

  • Why are Darker And Edgier stories about Donald Duck as a superhero so darn Entertaining?
    • Good writing.
  • Xadhoom's traveled far through space, visiting various planets along the way, all so she could fight and kill Evronians. So how come she didn't recognize the avenger's shield as Coronian technology when she first saw it?
    • Probably Xerbians haven't met Coronians yet.
      • Plus, she probably think he alredy knew. I mean, if one of your friends had a Ferrari, would you tell him "You know, your car came from Italy"?
      • Confirmed: Inserts in the second series mention Xerba and Corona as former trading partners. She may have not recognized the shield and the Pkar (the latter actually being something Ducklair invented himself), but issue #1 implies she recognized Pk's spaceship as a Coronian model modified with a cold fusion reactor based on her own researches. She was a little pissed when Uno declared it "Master Ducklair's masterpiece" and replied she knew something about it...
  • Xadhoom losing control of her powers would not only kill her, but cause an explosion equal to a supernova: how, exactly, does she know that, if it's fatal?
    • Well, she is a scientist.

  • In 'Under A New Sun', you'll notice that the characters never referred to Xadhoom as dead. What if it's not just an Elephant in the Living Room? What if she's still alive in there, sustaining the sun, every second of every day, never sleeping or resting, always expending her energy, forever, or until she dies, dooming the very Xerbians she helped save, to freeze to death?
  • How did Xadhoom knew that Zoster would disintegrate upon achieving her power? Easy: the same nearly happened to her, but, differently from Zoster, her self-control allowed her to reverse the process in time.
  • The Xerbian survivors managed to engineer a process that reverts Coolflames to their original form. However, Xadhoom often didn't hesitate to blow up Coolflames along with their Evronian masters. How many innocents could have been saved?
  • During "The Xadhoom Trilogy" Paperinik travels on board an evronian ship with an artificial intelligence. We later learn that said AI was used to take care of children on some planet. Considering that she is now in the hands of the Evronians, it's easy to guess that the planet she lived before was conquered by them and that everybody, children included, was turned in a coolflame. But wait,it gets worse: since the Evronians probably didn't need the children (infants aren't exactly good slaves) they probably let them on the planet,with no one to care for them,to slowly die of hunger without even realizing it.
    • Arguably, we can infer that they were Evronian children; why would they program an AI to care for children other than their own? Furthermore, given that they're generally Always Chaotic Evil, not a big loss. Those kids might even help rebuild the empire.
    • Actually,the AI showed Paperinik footage of the kids she was taking care of. Not one of them looked like an Evronian. It's implied that they took the AI after conquering the planet.
    • There's a less (or possibly more) horrifying solution to this: the Evronians programmed the AI to take care of the kids of conquered peoples. We have been shown the Evronians do keep around non-coolflame members of the peoples they conquer (see issue #25 and the Xadhoom Trilogy itself), some because they're more valuable with their intelligence and some presumably as breeding stock (Evronians do need to eat their emotions, after all), so it would make sense to them to take the children from their parents and have them raised by AI/s to make them loyal subjects of the Empire.
  • In "Portrait of the Young Hero" the Evronians of Styvesant's show have two kinds of warriors, the normal kind (portrayed by actors in costumes) and a less numerous force of 'Super Evronians' (portrayed by robots). The 2014 relaunch has the Evronian troops that conquered Earth in about one month show up in two kinds, the normal warriors and a less numerous force of 'Augmented Units'... That look identical to Styvesant's 'Super Evronians'. And Styvesant brags about the realism of his productions.

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